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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Bubbles from The Angry Birds Movie Duology. The mainstream version can be found here: Bubbles (Angry Birds)

Bubbles, the Orange Bird is a supporting character of The Angry Birds Movie. He is a genius and in love bird who works on with Stella


Bubbles appears as an orange anthropomorphic Jamaican Oriole in an identical appearance as his game counterpart. His black feathers on top of his head is enlarge and has orange streaks on them and has black feet as well as black feathers at the back. His eyes are yellow green instead of black.


His sprite sheet shows him to appear to be quite cheerful. From the Ham'o'ween Short Movie, he is shown to be oblivious to events happening around him. He has a gigantic appetite and a sweet tooth. In the Trick or Tweet video, he disguises himself as a giant Frankenstein Pig to frighten away the other birds, in order to steal their portion of candies, showing that he is clever, mischievous and loves playing pranks. He is also similar to Goobster from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

In both of the Halloween-themed animations, he is shown to be quite spoiled. He feasts on candy that others have gone through the trouble of collecting without any consent, and becomes enraged when a pig takes something in which he wants to the point of harming that pig and others.

In the Night of the Living Pork animation, he assists King Pig in defending his massive pile of candy from the Zompigs. Feeling sorry after most of the candy is gone, Bubbles leaves King Pig a piece of candy. This is the first time a positive interaction between a bird and pig can be seen.

Power and Abilities

Bubbles retains his ability to inflate himself. This demonstrates when he got slingshot before being ganged up by the Pigs as he inflates to knock them down but destroying the tower house structures upon impact.

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