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~ Bubbles's general response to a situation

Bubbles is one of the main protagonists in the hit Canadian comedy series, The Trailer Park Boys. He is an old friend of Julian and Ricky and a resident in Sunnyvale trailer park who lives in a shed with his cats.

He is portrayed by actor Mike Smith.


Bubbles is a man of average height and build, with deep blonde hair and green eyes. He is almost always seen wearing a snap-on button shirt. His most recognizable characteristic, however, is his thick glasses.


Bubbles is a friendly, kind, and polite to just about everyone he meets. He always prefers a peaceful solution to a problem as opposed to Ricky and Julian's more aggressive methods. He hates guns and is always frustrated when Ricky and Julian decide to use them. However, if he is forced into a gunfight, he tends to pick variants of the AK-47, ironically the most destructive out of the boys' arsenal.

Bubbles is a strong believer in Sasquatches ("Samsquamches", as he calls them), of which he is equally terrified. This became a problem in the episode "Rub 'N Tiz'zug", when a sleep-deprived Julian attempted to enter Bubbles' shed at night while covered in a fur blanket. Mistaking him for a sasquatch, both Ricky and Bubbles attack Julian with aluminum bats, resulting in all three of them receiving extensive injuries.