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Bubblun and Bobblun (otherwise known as Bub and Bob) are the main protagonists of the Bubble Bobble video game franchise. They are twin bubble dragons who were humans (due to the fact that a curse transformed them into that state). In the original game, Super Drunk (or Grumple Gromit) kidnapped Bub and Bob's girlfriends named Betty and Patty. Bub and Bob's human counterparts are named Bubby and Bobby.


Bub and Bob are short and pudgy dragons with black and white eyes, one bucktooth, pink hands and feet with three white claws on them, white bellies, short tails, round cheeks, and scales. However, Bub is green with yellow scales and cheeks while Bob is blue with lighter blue scales and cheeks (although later on in the series, both the cheeks and the scales become the same color as Bub's).


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