Bubbly (Astronauta in original)  is the main character of The Funnies, comic series based on Monica's Gang franchise.

He is an astronaut and works for the fictional BRASA. He has a spaceship shaped like a giant orange ball floating through space. He is nicknamed "Bubbly" because of his spacesuit which is also a ball. As an astronaut he often makes trips into space traveling to new planets and risking the attacks of troublemakers aliens. Sometimes he makes space missions to defeat villains despite being quite stupid and clumsy to face an enemy.

He is very unlucky and sometimes even angry, but it also proves to be quite sentimental about the planet Earth. In the past he dating a girl named Ritinha but amid their long space travels ended up losing his girlfriend to his neighbor Bonifácio.

Like many characters of Monica's Gang he is also a friend of protagonists MonicaJimmy FiveSmudge and Maggy occasionally doing crossovers in their stories.