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What could possibly go wrong?
~ Bubsy's Catchphrase

Bubsy (born Robert Timothy Bobcat, but always goes by Bubsy) was a wise-cracking, anthropomorphic bobcat (and inter-dimensional little brother of Disney’s Bonkers D. Bobcat, born William Daniel Bobcat, Jr.) who starred in a series of mascot-based platform games in the mid-1990s.


Bubsy is displayed as being an overly enthusiastic bobcat that doesn't back down from danger, as he frequently states "What could possibly go wrong?" He is even displayed as having a bit a wit as he cracks jokes towards the player while breaking the fourth wall.


Bubsy is very agile, as he can jump in long distances and can perform quick attacks to defeat enemies. Alongside this, he can glide long distances and use air currents to use that ability to fly. He also has super running speed capable of outpacing even projectile sound waves.

Bubsy also has a wide array of equipment which he utilizes throughout his different journies throughout his world, ranging from a reality warping TV Remote to the Smart Bomb which can turn his enemies into marbles.

Bubsy is also seemingly a technological genius, as he was able to create an entire rocket ship with only found parts in a matter of seconds.


Bubsy was initially just a protector of the environment with the world's biggest yarn ball collection. However, his relatively peaceful life was interrupted when an alien force known as the Woolies invaded and stole his yarn balls for their own dastardly purposes. Needing to stop their invasion and regain his yarn balls, Bubsy quested and ultimately defeated their entire army in the course of Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind.


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