Buchinyan (Japanese: ブチニャン) is a Lightning-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Charming tribe. Introduced as Rank C, he was promoted to Rank A with Yo-kai Watch Blasters. He is the Yo-kai fusion of Jibanyan and Whisper.

He is voiced by Alicyn Packard and Joey D'Auria.


A white cat with red spots all over its body. Its inner-ear and nose are dull pink. It has a gray body warmer around its stomach and an aquamarine sphere attached to its collar. The flames on its tails are indigo. Since this Yo-Kai is a fusion of Whisper and Jibanyan, they both fight over who controls the body. They still retain their distinct personalities, and are separated easily.


Yo-kai Watch: The Movie

Buchinyan debuted alongside Darknyan as an unexpected fusion of Whisper and Jibanyan in "Yo-kai Watch: The Movie" as a means of defeating Dame Dedtime's final form Kyodai Ubaune, formed when Whisper shoved himself into the path of the energizing blast that powered Hovernyan into Darknyan, when Nate and Nathaniel meant to solely power up Jibanyan.

As Buchinyan could not fly, Darknyan grabbed Buchinyan and maneuvered the fusion towards a key spot, allowing Buchinyan to destroy Kyodai Ubaune with his Flurry of Furry. Following that, the flightless Yo-kai crashed into the ground, defusing back into his components.

Anime History

In episode 91, Whisper tried to get into a singing contest that Jibanyan was in and ended up crashing into him, creating Buchinyan. However, a photographer appeared and had Whisper detach himself for the shot, revealing that Whisper had merely wrapped himself around Jibanyan.

In episode 94, Shogunyan went on a rampage due to his obsession with wanting to cut tough material and Whisper and Jibanyan crashed into each other but this time they became stuck together, so Shogunyan used a special attack to divide them, which due to Whisper crashing into Shogunyan as a result, ironically caused Bushiper to be created instead.



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