It's time to get... Buck-Wild!
~ Buck

Buckminster, a.k.a Buck, is a character in the Ice Age films. He is a major character in the third film, a minor one in the fourth film, and a major protagonist in the fifth film.

He is a weasel that lives in an underground dinosaur world when he fell into it, many years ago. He lost one of his eyes in a past encounter to Rudy, but survived and swears revenge. He is also the main protagonist of the Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs video game. To many people, he was a scene-stealer in the movie and many fans wished for him to get his own movie.

He is voiced by Simon Pegg in the films, and by James Patrick Stuart in the video game.


A rather insane but smart weasel, Buck fell through the ice and into a world of dinosaurs when he was younger, and spent much of his time hunting and fighting down an albino Baryonyx named Rudy, the most dangerous dinosaur in the land, who clawed out Buck's right eye. He seeks adventure left and right, constantly getting into battles with dinosaurs.


When he was younger, Buck fell into the world of dinosaurs and got into trouble within a few seconds. He landed right in front of his nemesis Rudy, who attempted to kill him with a claw but only got his right eye. Buck ran, until he was able to climb up a tree, where he got a leaf and wrapped it around his eye like an eye patch. He was right above the eye of the hurricane, when his enemy Rudy rose above the clouds and swallowed Buck whole to make his grim meal.

Buck was still alive, however. Before he could get swallowed, he grabbed onto Rudy's uvula and launched himself out, as well as punching one of Rudy's teeth out on his way. He then turned it into a knife that he uses in battle and decided to live in the Dinosaur World.

Personality and Traits

Buck is a small brown weasel with a long body, tail and short legs. He has a tan stomach with brownish spots on it. His body is long enough to twist around itself. He is brave, intelligent, friendly, mischievous, heroic, positive, good hearted, slick and protective. He was so flexible that he could use it in any fighting scenario. Buck has an overbite, with bottom fang showing. His most known trait is his eye patch made from a leaf. When he had both eyes, they were bright blue.

Buck is heroic and insane as he helps the gang get back home and retrieve Sid. He seems to have an obsession with catching an albino Baryonyx named "Rudy."



  • Buck is a parody of Captain Ahab. Both are mutilated characters by their respective great white beast enemy types; Rudy (who slashed Buck's eye) and Moby Dick (who slashed Ahab's leg).
  • Buck made a cameo in Ice Age: Continental Drift and in Scrat's Continental Crack-Up and was still voiced by Simon Pegg.
  • Buck was meant to be Ellie's opossum cousin. But because of his crazy personality, the creators decided to make him a weasel. He was also thought of to be a badger or a wolverine.
  • Simon worked on many voices for Buck, the performance was mostly based off of Steve Irwin and Frank Buck.
  • Many fans demanded a movie about the weasel.


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