Buck Francisco was a secondary protagonist from the Alien Nation television series and other media based on the series.

He was portrayed by Sean Six.

The son of the Tectonese who would become known as George and Susan Francisco, Buck was born in to slavery on the slave ship Gruza. Prior to the crash of the ship on Earth, Buck was in training to become an overseer. After the crash he was reunited with his family and lived with them in the Los Angeles area.

Buck had a difficult time adjusting to life on Earth and his relationship with his family. Becoming involved with a small Tectonese gang they became involved in a gunfight where a human died. Buck was placed on probation for his involvement with that crime, which he successfully completed.

George and Buck had a difficult relationship for a number of years. While proud of his son George was worried that Buck wasn't living up to his potential, however George realized after Buck helped him defeat the Queen Mother that Buck would do just fine, and stopped worrying about his son.

Buck would later decide to follow in his father's footsteps, and entered the police academy. Buck was wounded when his mind controlled sister Emily attempted to shoot a politician, he stepped in between that person and the bullet. His mother was able to give the code phrase to stop Emily from killing herself. Emily was able to point out the person who took control of her.

Buck recovered from his wounds. He was given a commendation from the police chief. He was able to use a favor from the police chief to get his hands on a video which showed several police academy instructors mocking the Newcomer students. Those instructors soon found themselves being reassigned out of the academy.

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