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Buddy is a supporting character, due to his smaller role in the 2016 Illumination Entertainment comedy The Secret Life of Pets and one of the six tetartagonists (alongside Hu, Rooster, Mel, Norman and Sweet Pea) in The Secret Life of Pets 2.

He is voiced by Hannibal Buress.

The Secret Life of Pets

Buddy lives in the same apartment as Max and while he is a supporting character, he has a smaller role. He like to get massaged by his families mixer when they are not home.

He comes to Max's room to return a ball he lost. He hangs out with him along Mel, Chole, and Sweet Pea. He next appears while he and other dogs are being walked to the park. He and Mel don't notice when Max and Duke go missing. When he and Mel get back they bark at two squirrels, then Gidget ask them where Max is. They realize he and Duke are gone, but Mel tells Gidget what happened.

Gidget gathers Buddy and the other pets of the block to form a rescue team and return Max to the apartment before all the owners return at dinnertime. At first they're reluctant, but Chole convinces them to help. Before looking for Max, Buddy leds them an apartment to search for his friend Pops an old dog who knows the city very well and has ways to get fast.


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