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3d Bug-a-Booo

Bug-a-Booo is the main and titular character of Bug-a-Booo, comic series based on Monica's Gang franchise.

He is shorty, unlucky and is always doing favors to your friends. It is often victim of antics and mischief of his friends, but almost never gets nervous. His main hobby is scare the living humans who walking around your graveyard, but he is not an bad ghost. His best friends are Vic Vampire (a shorty yellow vampire), Frank (a reference to Frankenstein's Monster), Skully (a single skull), Moe (a mummy), Wolfgang (a dog-like werewolf) and Zé Caveira (a full body skeleton). He is the uncle of little Pixuquinha and his girlfriend is the female ghost Sally Soul. Bug-a-Booo still manages to be a close friend of the Lady MacDeath (a female personification of death) and even assists in his work to bring dead souls to cemetery.

Like many characters of Monica's Gang he is also a friend of protagonists Monica, Jimmy Five, Smudge and Maggy occasionally doing crossovers in their stories.

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