Bukamon is the In-Training Digimon. His fresh form is Pichimon. He is partner of Joe Kido. He digivolve to Gomamon.

He is voiced by R. Martin Klein.


It is thought to be the infancy of an aquatic dinosaur, it is a funny Digimon with movements as clever as the seahorse.



Dark Masters attack the facility where he is housed, and Gennai flees with the eggs in hand. He is taken to File Island, where he hatches into Pichimon who eventually digivolves into Bukamon. During this time, he plays with the other Digimon as he holds the Digivice that belongs to Joe, waiting for his partner's arrival.

Digimon Adventure 

Joe met his partner Bukamon when he first came to the Digital World and then Joe freaked out. Bukamon digivolved to Gomamon to protect Joe from Kuwagamon. 

Digimon Adventure 02

A Bukamon is the partner of an unnamed Australian DigiDestined.

Digimon Adventure tri.


Vikemon & Rosemon de-digivolve to Bukamon & Tanemon (off-screen), Leomon carry them & Meicoomon. Bukamon came to Joe about his victory. When Meicoomon kills Leomon which shocks Bukamon, Daigo, Meiko, DigiDestined & their Digimons


Due to the reboot, Bukamon and the other DigiDestined Digimon are reverted to their In-Training forms with their memories erased.


As the DigiDestined try to rekindle their friendship with their partner Digimon, they briefly come across Meicoomon, who has retained her memories despite the reboot.


Omnimon Merciful Mode, destroys Ordinemon once and for all but also deleting Meicoomon in the process.

After destroys Ordinemon, Omnimon Merciful Mode reverting back to the Bukamon, Nyaromon, Koromon, Tsunomon, Motimon, Yokomon, Tanemon and Tokomon.


Digimon Adenture

Digimon Adventure 02

Digimon Adventure tri.

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