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Let go and scream Tatsumi with all the fire in your soul!!!!
~ Bulat
Tatsumi's still got a lot to figure out, but I can see he has amazing potential. If we do a good job training him, maybe he can even improve enough to surpass me one of these days. I can't wait to see what he does.
~ Bulat

Bulat is a supporting protagonist in the manga/anime series Akame Ga Kill!. He is a member of the assassin group Night Raid and a former soldier for the Empire. He serves as a mentor to Tatsumi at the beginning of the series, with Tatsumi inheriting his Teigu, Incursio, after his death.

He was voiced by legendary voice actor David Wald, the latter of whom is best known for voicing Gajeel Redfox in Fairy Tail, Toshio Ozaki in Shiki, Tatsuji Chibiki in Another and Paulie in One Piece, and by Katsuyuki Konishi in the Japanese dub.


He was once a soldier of the Empire, having trained under Gensei who was known as the strongest of his time. Eventually becoming a high-ranking Imperial Officer who became famous and gained the nickname "100 Man-Slayer Bulat". He later betrays the Empire when his superior, General Liver was framed for not giving in to the Prime Minister's agenda. Bulat became disgusted with the Empire that cared more for bribes, than merit regardless of how hard he worked. After leaving the Empire, he joined the Revolutionary Army, and eventually its subsidiary, Night Raid.


Bulat was a tall, muscular young man with blue eyes and black hair that he usually wore in a combed up, heart-shaped pompadour. Before joining Night Raid, he had his hair down. When not wearing Incursio, he often donned a black shirt with green shoulders, chest armour and white pants with black boots. He also wore a black leather jacket on top of his usual outfit a few times.


Bulat had a calm, kind personality; although he referred to himself as passionate and hot-blooded, he never actually lost his cool in battle. He was among the most compassionate members of theNight Raid and he taught Tatsumi to embrace these emotions but not to let them consume him. Leone informed Tatsumi that Bulat was gay, to which he replied, "You don't want him to misunderstand, right?", but did not deny Leone's statement, while blushing heavily. Bulat flirted with Tatsumi on occasion, which made the latter extremely nervous.


  • Bulat is very similar to Kamina. First, they share the same Japanese voice actor (Katsuyuki Konishi). Both serve as a mentor to the main protagonist (Tatsumi and Simon, respectively), to the point that they insist on being called 'Bro'. Both share numerous personality traits, including being very passionate and hot-blooded. Finally, both die in the eighth episode of their respective animes but still serve as an inspiration for the main character, though to a lesser extent in Bulat's case.


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