If you're going to die; die for something like your father did, he died for you.
~ Alex mentioning Bulldust.

Bulldust is a male Pachyrhinosaurus who was the mate of an unnamed female Pachyrhinosaurus, the father of Patchi, Scowler and their siblings, the former leader of his herd and a supporting character in the 2013 film Walking with Dinosaurs.


Bulldust was first seen spotting a Troodon attempting to take his son Patchi and cornered him as Patchi was flung into the air and into a bush. Bulldust shoos the troodon away and roars in victory.

He is also seen during the migration, but when a storm comes he orders his herd into a forest which lights on fire. Bulldust moves the herd away from the fire as he becomes trapped in the flames with his family. He tries to get to open ground and finds predators and tries to find another way out.

Patchi and Scowler then get cornered by a fallen burning tree and call out to their father and he comes to the rescue. Bulldust then finds out that his mate has been trapped by the Gorgosaurs and goes to her aid, leaving Patchi and Scowler. He then returns to defend his sons, but as he battles the Gorgosaurus' leader Gorgon, he gets bitten on the leg, his flanks and his neck, killing him.

Bulldust is later mentioned years later when a now adult Patchi, after fighting with Scowler (who was now leader of the herd) and being ejected from the herd, resigns himself to his fate of being eaten by predators. Patchi's bird friend Alex manages to convince him to carry on living and to die for something like Bulldust did, as he died protecting Patchi and Scowler from Gorgon.


Bulldust's physical appearance resembles his oldest son Scowler, but his scales are the same colour as that of his youngest son Patchi.



  • Bulldust is slightly similar to Mufasa
    • Both are the father of the protagonist (Patchi and Simba)
    • Both are the leaders of groups (Bulldust lead a Pachyrhinosaurus herd, whilst Mufasa led the Pridelanders).
    • Both are killed by the antagonist (Gorgon and Scar)
  • Bulldust is also slightly similar to Noctus
    • Both have two sons: their youngest (Patchi and Soren), who is the protagonist and the oldest (Scowler and Kludd), who has a strained relationship with their sibling.
    • Both they and their wife are killed by the main antagonistic group (Gorgosaurus and Pure Ones)
  • Bulldust, like the majority of the supporting dinosaur cast, has no speaking lines and only communicates through roars. The only dinosaur characters with speaking lines are Patchi, Scowler, Juniper and Alex.
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