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How am I supposed to sniff out cocaine if I don't know what it smells like?
~ Bullet

Bullet #6 is a main hero from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is a drug-addicted drug dog, who works as a police officer for Paradise Police Department.

He is voiced by Kyle Kianne.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Welcome to Paradise", Bullet felt guilty when he accidentally killed all of his friends with chocolate-laced drugs. He actually went as far as to give up drugs just because of what he did to his friends. He did not go back to doing drugs until he had a dream where he went to Dog Heaven and saw for certain that his late friends were okay. When fighting Terry Two-Toes, Bullet summoned a pack of ghost dogs to fight him. However, it turned out that he was only hallucinating this.
  • In "Ass on the Line", Bullet helped Kevin investigate at the dogfighting arena to find out about the argyle meth case.
  • In "Black & Blue", Bullet saved Hopson from Heaven's Lobby Retirement Home, when he found out he was being abused and turned into Lobstoberfest food there.
  • In "Police Academy", Bullet took over Paradise P.D., while Randall was at Diamond City. He became a very badass police chief, barking out orders to Fitz and Gina and telling them to handle a hooker ring in a very professional manner. However, it turned out that Bullet was only making them round up the hookers so that he could have sex with them. Despite him doing this only for himself, Bullet was still doing something good for his city and turned in all the money he made off the hooker ring to Karen so she could fund her school for the blind. Because of this, Bullet can be seen as a hero for this. However, in the end, Bullet stepped down from his role as chief because he got crabs from the hookers.
  • In "Task Force", Bullet helped Dusty sell his Virginia-tee on the internet, although he thought he was selling his virginity.
  • In "Big Ball Energy", Bullet had the responsibility of taking care of Dusty's cats, while he was in prison but he failed. He later destroyed the then mutated Mr. Meowgi and stopped him from causing evil in Dusty's apartment. After all of Dusty's cats died, Bullet painted a bunch of sewer rats to look like his cats so that Dusty wouldn't know that he killed his cats. This is arguably one of his more villainous, heroic acts.
  • In "Tucker Carlson is a Huge Dick", Bullet went to stop a liquor store robbery caused by Robby and Delbert.
  • In "Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry", Bullet and Fitz went to look for Malloy, only for them to quickly get distracted by Denzel's weed early on in the investigation and to spend the remainder of their time getting high. At the very least, Bullet was honest about this in the end.
  • In "Operation: D.D.", Bullet and Dusty rounded up the people of Paradise into a bomb shelter and they also helped fight The Kingpin's army of Flipper People.