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Bumblebee in Cyberverse.

Bumblebee is the main protagonist in Transformers: Cyberverse.


Windblade and Bumblebee in Bumblebees mind.

Bumblebee used to worship Megatron until Megatron went from a good robot to being obsessed with power. Bumblebee agreed to stood by Optimus Prime and during a scouting mission Bee learned that Megatron wants to use the Allspark to create a new generation of Decepticons and Megatron tore out his voice box for the last time. Bumblebee and Windblade are best friends throughout the war against the Decepticons. On Cybertron he helped keep the Allspark from falling into Megatrons hands before leaving his homeworld on the Ark to find energon for their species survival. During his time on Earth Bumblebee has problems remembering the past so Windblade found him and helped him remember what happened back on Cybertron and prevent the Allspark from falling into the hands of Megatron. Throughout the adventures on earth Bee and Windblade had to deal with Slipstream and her seekers and rescued Teletraan-X a drone from the Ark from the Decepticons while. It was during that time Windblade was briefly captured by the Seekers and Bumblebee and Teletraan-X had to saved her. After locating Grimlock the 4 proceed to save the Earth from Shockwave and battle the Decepticons to awake the crew of the Ark.

Powers and Abilities

Bumblebee can transform into a car and when in combat mode he can activate his electric stingers to shock his opponents.



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