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There's not a man alive who can tell me what to do!
~ Bumblebee to Cyborg

Bumblebee is a major supporting character from the 2003 animated series Teen Titans. She was a former H.I.V.E. Academy student and a founding member and leader of the Titans East.

She was voiced by T'Keyah Keymah also voices Aoogah in Tweety's High Flying Adventure, and also portrayed Tanya Baxter in That's So Raven.


Bumblebee is an young African-American woman who has a slim build and her hair is pulled back into two buns. She is also a metahuman with insect-like wings capable of flight and the ability to shrink to a miniature size. She also uses a pair of hand-held electric dart-guns as "stingers."


Bumblebee is one of the "cockiest" characters. She can be a little bossy with her teammates but deeply cares for them. Bumblebee is also extremely intelligent and she tries too hard. She is observant, kind, and very open-minded. Bumblebee made the strongest bond with Aqualad first, but they fight less than she does with Speedy. She is cooperative and patient. Bumblebee has a very independent and cocky personality, and a very confident and outgoing attitude. Being very independent, she doesn't like being told what to do, such as when Cyborg tells her what to do in "Wavelength".


Bumblebee is an assertive, highly skilled, and cocky former H.I.V.E. Academy student, who had actually enrolled to infiltrate and discover all of their motives and secrets for Aqualad. She had been keeping track of the H.I.V.E long before Cyborg posed as 'Stone'. Bumblebee was able to resist Brother Blood's mind-control powers eventually the first time. Her abilities as a H.I.V.E. student entrusted her to Brother Blood, but Blood was shocked to find that she was also a spy when she assisted Cyborg in stopping Brother Blood's latest plan.

Blood escaped to Steel City, where he was followed by Bumblebee and Aqualad. While in Steel City, Bumblebee and Aqualad formed Titans East with Speedy and Más y Menos, and got into an argument. Cyborg soon followed and helped the team build their tower, but Blood entered with his new Cyborg copies and beat the Titans East whom he then placed under mind-control to attack and capture Cyborg, whom Blood wanted to examine. However, Bumblebee displayed some resistance to the mind control, which was quickly dissipated by Blood. Eventually, Brother Blood was defeated, freeing the Titans East. Towards the end of "Titans East - Part 2", Cyborg decided to return to his fellow Titans and appointed Bumblebee as the new leader of Titans East.

During the episode "For Real", Bumblebee, along with her fellow Titans East members, arrived in Jump City to watch over Titans Tower because the Teen Titans were in Siberia. The Titans East defeated Andre Le Blanc without trouble. However, they later encountered Control Freak, who had escaped from prison. Bumblebee was forced to participate in Control Freak's challenge, she was restrained to a collar, which required her to stop a subway car with a bomb on it while remaining at her small stature. She managed to deactivate the bomb that was attached to the subway and, along with the rest of her team, defeated and captured Control Freak.

Bumblebee was targeted by the Brotherhood of Evil and was overpowered by Punk Rocket and Angel when they attacked her in "Calling All Titans!". She somehow got rescued by Starfire and joined the Titans' assault on the Brotherhood of Evil's base. She subsequently socialized with the other assembled Titans in Titans Tower and participated in the recapture of Doctor Light after he robbed a bank.

Powers & Abilities

In the comics, Karen Beecher was a scientist who created a super suit with a bee theme in order to show the Teen Titans that her boyfriend and later husband, Mal Duncan (Herald), was worth being on the team. In the continuity of Teen Titans, however, Karen's wings and powers appear to be a natural feature.

  • Size Alteration: Bumblebee can shrink into a size like a bee and it helps her fly with more speed and agility and thus making it hard for enemies to bring her down. She can even dodge projectile-based attacks. While shrunken, Bumblebee retains her full size voice and strength but seems to be weakened in self defense.
  • Flight: Bumblebee is able to fly using the insectoid wings growing from her back.
  • Stingers: Bumblebee carries a pair of B-shaped weapons that she refers to as her "stingers." These weapons are used to discharge incredibly powerful blasts of electricity that can be fired in both short bursts and long streams. She is also able to use them to conduct electricity and move it from one source to another not to harm herself. It can also absorb the electricity and travel it through both stingers.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat: Bumblebee is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant. She was able to fight on par with both Cyborg and Brother Blood, and was able to defeat the former in one episode.
  • Enhanced Agility: She is very agile.
  • Enhanced Strength: She is very strong, as shown when she is fighting Cyborg in "Wavelength".
  • Enhanced Durability: Though not that resistant, she can withstand most hits.
  • Mind-Control Resistance: She can resist mind control to some extent, as shown in the second half of "Titans East".


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