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Bumpy is a supporting protagonist of the DreamWorks and Netflix TV series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

She is an Ankylosaurus that was born in Jurassic World with one large horn. Bumpy first saw Ben Pincus when she first hatched, leading to her becoming close to him. Later on, she joined Ben and the rest of the campers from Camp Cretaceous while facing many dangers along the way.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Season 1

On the second day campers arrived at Camp Cretaceous, a group of campers was taken to Henry Wu's lab. Soon after they arrived, Bumpy began hatching out of her egg, and camper Ben Pincus helped her out, causing her to imprint on him. Although the two would begin to spend some time together, the group was quickly forced to leave ruining the moment, as Brooklynn was caught breaking into Wu's lab, with Wu taking her and setting her back down on the egg platform. Soon, Bumpy reunites with Ben after the group came across an Ankylosaurus corpse and joins them as they find a genetics lane where a scientist named Eddie is hiding. He tells them of Dr. Wu's involvement with the creation of the Indominus rex and retreats when he finds out about the van they came by, but the Indominus comes along and eats him. Bumpy inadvertently tripping Yaz saved her from the same fate. Bumpy and the campers escape the Indominus rex and later Toro, then get on a train. However, Ben ends up falling off the train after being attacked by a Pteranodon. After everyone jumps off the train, Bumpy supposedly disappears. However, in the last scene, she is shown to have found Ben unconscious.

Season 2

After finding Ben, the two fall into a routine, mirroring Bumpy to find food and water, and constantly taking Ben's sleeping spot. Eventually, Ben loses his cool and lashes out at Bumpy which scares her off, but soon feels horribly guilty and goes looking for her. Ben shortly develops the courage to stand up for himself and confronts Toro. During the fight, Bumpy, now a fully grown adult, shows up and helps Ben fight Toro, eventually resulting in the two causing Toro to fall off a cliff, though he survives unscathed and walks away. Ben is happy to see Bumpy again and they go after a distant campsite, where they overhear Mitch, Tiffany, and Hap discussing his friends, which alerts Ben to something amiss. After spotting Hap supposedly attack Brooklynn and Kenji, Ben briefly knocks him out, though Brooklynn and Kenji are shocked to see Ben and Bumpy.

Hap leads the four to a storage unit, where they find a motorcycle, so the group piles on the motorcycle while Ben rides Bumpy out of the storage unit amidst an explosion. Bumpy goes with the campers into the tunnels, hoping to arrive at Main Street in time to help Darius and Sammy. However, a gate blocks their path, so he follows Brooklynn deeper into the structure to eventually find a backup power facility. He is unable to help, but eventually, Kenji manages to restore the power. It takes them a good deal of time, but eventually, they're able to gain enough control of the island to reactivate the hologram of Rexy, the old park's Tyrannosaurus rex, distracting her and allowing Darius and Sammy to escape.

Ben rides on Bumpy with Sammy and uses lights and screams to scare the dinosaurs into a stampede, while both Bumpy and Ben recover Yaz when her car breaks down. They then flee from Rexy, who drove the dinosaurs right back in the other direction. Bumpy eventually escapes and rendezvous with everyone else.

Season 3

When the campers are leaving the island on a boat, Bumpy runs up, making Ben sad. However, the campers are swept away and back on the island due to a huge wave. After getting back on the island, Ben calls out Bumpy's name, who finds her and starts licking him.

Ben does not want to leave Bumpy again. However, after the campers learn that Mitch and Tiff's boat is still there, Ben is happy because he can bring Bumpy along with them. Bumpy is spending most of her time with Ben, though she actually starts to take a liking to Yaz. Despite Bumpy being cold to Sammy, she does later save her from an Ouranosaurus. It is eventually revealed that what draws Bumpy to Yasmina is food in her pocket.

Later on, Bumpy runs off shortly before the Scorpios rex (the first hybrid dinosaur) attacks the campers. After the attack, Ben goes looking for Bumpy. Darius follows Ben because their plan is to leave the island. After Darius and Ben find Bumpy, they notice that she has found her own family, all of whom are bigger and older than her. However, the Scorpios rex suddenly arrives and proceeds to attack Bumpy and her herd, scaring Ben. Fortunately, her herd protects Bumpy by surrounding her and using their spiky armor on their head to avoid being infected by the Scorpios rex, eventually resulting in the latter giving up and walking away. Ben now realizes that he can no longer protect Bumpy, and that Bumpy is now protected by her herd.

Later on, when the campers come up with a plan to rescue Brooklynn, who had been captured by Dr. Wu's guard and retrieve Wu's laptop, Ben leads Bumpy and her herd to attack Wu and his mercenary guard Hawkes, eventually resulting in Wu's laptop being destroyed. After the attack, Ben sadly bids farewell to Bumpy. The other campers join Ben in hugging and saying goodbye to Bumpy. When Ben watches Bumpy go back to her herd, he smiles as he and the other campers leave the island after saying goodbye to her.


Bumpy can be best described as a cinnamon roll in dinosaur form and is major adorbs. She successfully bonded with the Camp Cretaceous campers and accompanies them on their journey through Jurassic World as they try to escape it. She, like most of the InGen creations, has accelerated growth and immediately bonds with Ben who she imprinted upon when she first hatched in the Lab Facility. Since the campers were reluctant to take Bumpy with them due to the fact they considered her to be slow, they eventually look past this and accept her into their group. In exchange, Bumpy also helps alert the campers to the many dangers that are present on Isla Nublar.

Physical Appearance

Bumpy is dull yellow with greenish-blue coloration on her armor and the top of her legs. Due to her age, Bumpy is only around the size of a large dog, with dull osteoderms distributed across her body and a short, stumpy tail club. Due to her premature birth, the spikes on the back of her head are asymmetrical, with one on the right being larger and less blunt than the other (left one). Within a few weeks, Bumpy has grown into a full-size adult female and being slightly smaller than the rest of her species; comprised mostly of greenish-blue complexion, with dull yellow coloration on her underbelly and bottom of her legs.

Powers and Abilities


  • Ankylosaurus Physiology: Bumpy possesses incredible feats of strength, speed, durability, stamina, and intelligence, even for an Ankylosaurus.
    • Enhanced Strength: Bumpy possesses incredible feats of strength, even for an Ankylosaurus.
    • Enhanced Speed: Bumpy possesses incredible feats of speed, even for an Ankylosaurus.
    • Enhanced Durability: Bumpy possesses incredible feats of durability, even for an Ankylosaurus.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Bumpy possesses incredible feats of stamina, even for an Ankylosaurus.


  • Expert Combatant: Bumpy is great at combat against opponents that try to attack her, shown when she, as an adult, was able to go head-on against Toro with assistance from Ben in Brave.
  • High-level Intellect: Bumpy possesses incredible feats of intelligence, even for an Ankylosaurus.
  • Tail Club: Like all Ankylosaurus, Bumpy's tail is tipped with a club which she can use as a formidable weapon in combat against opponents such as Toro and other dinosaurs.


To be added


  • Before the decision to make her an Ankylosaurus was reached, Bumpy went through multiple iterations, most of which being of multiple different other species of dinosaurs.


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