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Oh that Sugar Hog is hard to bring down he'll be ok Sally.
~ Bunnie after Sally mentions about how worried she is for Sonic.

Bunnie Rabbot is the secondary tritagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon and comic book series, She is one of few Robotizisation victims who didn't become one of Robotnik's mindless servants. She possesses enhanced strength in the parts of her body that have been Robotizised. Bunnie speaks with a cowgirl accent (sort of in a similar style to X-Men's Rogue when it comes to talking).

She was voiced by the late Christine Cavanaugh, who also voiced Chuckie Finster, Gosalyn Mallard, Dexter, and Oblina.



Little is known about Bunnie's past, except that she was friends with Sonic and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters during childhood. In 3224, however, together with the other children, Bunnie was taken to Knothole Village after Dr. Robotnik came to power in Mobotropolis. Under unspecified circumstances, later on, Bunnie was partially roboticized, with her left arm up to the shoulder and both of her legs becoming mechanical, turning her into a cyborg.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Bunnie was born in the Southern Baronies and raised by her Uncle Beauregard and Aunt Lulumae, since Bunnie's parents were both killed during the Great War. Bunnie spent many happy years with her family, until her uncle made claims that Bunnie's parents died as traitors. Refusing to believe her uncle, Bunnie ran away from home and wound up working on a farm near the Kingdom of Acorn's boarders.

Bunnie would eventually get caught up in the war against Dr. Ivo Robotnik after being saved by Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor the Walrus from a mobile Roboticizer that had partially Roboticized her. Bunnie was taken to Knothole Village where she immediately offered her services to Princess Sally Acorn and became a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters after demonstrating the incredible new abilities she gained from receiving her cybernetics. Later, during the First Robotnik War, Bunnie was forced the fight a Roboticized Sonic and prevent him from destroying Knothole. Rotor had previously installed some enchantments into Bunnie's robotic limbs (such as the ability to fly and shoot energy beams) which allowed her to stand a better chance against Mecha Sonic in battle. Although Bunnie wasn't able the defeat Mecha Sonic, she was able to weaken the robot just enough for a Roboticized Knuckles to take him down.

When the First Robotnik War came to it's end, Bunnie's cybernetics could no longer function properly with her still-organic central nervous system, and she was given the option to upgrade them at the cost of possibly never regaining her organic limbs again in the future. After talking it over with her friend and love interest Antoine D'Coolette, Bunnie agreed to go through with the life-saving upgrade. Later, Antoine seemingly puts an end to his romance with Bunnie in favor of pursuing the attention of Sally Acorn, leaving Bunnie heartbroken. Despite the break up, Bunnie continued to work as a Freedom Fighter, helping Sonic and the others in stopping Dr. Eggman's plan to nuke three major locations on Mobius by single-handedly sinking the villain's battleship. Eventually, Bunnie is reunited with Antoine after it was discovered that their relationship was actually ended by Patch; Antoine's evil counterpart from an alternate universe, and later the two finally married.

While flying over Sand Blast City, Bunnie suddenly falls from the sky and is captured by a chapter of Dr. Eggman's Dark Egg Legion. However, Bunnie is surprised to learn that the leader of this chapter is her Uncle Beauregard. The two happily embrace and share stories of their time apart before Beauregard informs Bunnie that the oil rig their stationed at has been coming under constant attack, putting the chapter's lives in danger. Not wanting to see loved ones hurt, Bunnie decides to defend the chapter from their attackers. When Sonic and the local Freedom Fighters appear to take control of the oil rig from the Dark Egg Legion, Bunnie was forced to fight Sonic to protect the chapter. But knowing neither side will stop fighting for control of the area, Bunnie and Sonic use the battle to destroy the oil rig, leaving nothing to fight over. Beauregard was furious at Bunnie for what she'd done, as the chapter would now be in danger of Eggman's wrath. Bunnie responded by saying that Beauregard and his allies shouldn't of gotten involved with Eggman in the first place. Acknowledging that they'll both have to confront each other in battle at some point, Bunnie and her uncle parted ways.

Despite the odds, Bunnie's robotic limbs were eventually reverted back into flesh and blood after being crystallized when she was caught in the crossfire of Ixis Naugus' attempt to stop Eggman's backup plan to destroy New Mobotropolis with the Titan Metal Sonic and then the Death Egg Mk. II's Egg Annihilator Beam, and out of guilt and as a reward for her heroism, Naugus was able to restore her limbs to their original organic state, much to her delight. However, Bunnie began to miss the advantages of having cybernetics, and after witnessing the horror of her husband almost being killed on a mission taking the suicidal self-detonation of Metal Sonic head-on after she was unable to help upon remembering she no longer had her cybernetics, and being horrified upon seeing Sally now in Eggman's service as Mecha Sally, a saddened Bunnie departed from the Freedom Fighters to meet with her uncle again, presumably to ask him to willingly give her cybernetics again so no one else from the Freedom Fighters falls in battle and she can't help them. Her fate is left unknown before being swept up in the second Genesis Wave triggered by Doctor Eggman and Doctor Wily, and then having the Prime Zone and multiverse rewritten irreversibly by the Super Genesis Wave and Super Sonic's attempts to undo it with Chaos Control, only to be interrupted by a spiteful Eggman, corrupting the effects of the wave and Super Sonic's attempts to revert it.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Bunnie was once an ordinary southern belle with hopes of becoming a hairdresser and eventually getting married. However, her life was changed forever after sustaining critical injuries during Dr. Eggman's takeover of Mobotropolis. With Bunnie expected to live for only a couple of more hours, Professor Charles the Hedgehog was forced to use his experimental Roboticizer on Bunnie's mangled limbs in order to save her life. Bunnie spent her recovery in Knothole Village learning how to walk with her new robotic legs, which was a painful and embarrassing experience for her. But finding encouragement in the form of Antoine D'Coolette, Bunnie didn't give up in regaining her mobility and after recovering she joined the Freedom Fighters.

Bunnie put her cybernetics to good use fighting the Eggman Empire, but over time Eggman's technology became more advanced which caused Tails and Rotor to design some new upgraded cybernetics for her, though the modifications done to Bunnie would probably make her partial Roboticization permanent. Despite the consequences, Bunnie agreed to the upgrades and afterwards gained new abilities from them to use in and out of battle. Eventually, Bunnie got married to her long time friend and love intrest Antoine, but rather than settle down, Bunnie and her husband continues to fight alongside the other Freedom Fighters against the Eggman Empire.

She encounters Sonic and Tails while undercover as a member of the Egg Army unit they infiltrated, and once her mission was complete, she had her memories of the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline restored by Nicole, leaving her heartbroken about being permanently stuck with her cybernetic limbs this time, though Antonie helps her overcome her grief. She later comforts Sally after she gets her memories restored with Amy and learns of the evil acts she committed in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline as Mecha Sally, traumatizing her, but inspiring her to create weapons based off her Roboticized self from the original timeline to use with her organic body. However, because of the excess energy that was released when Eggman interrupted Super Sonic's Chaos Control that was meant to reverse the Super Genesis Wave's effects, the planet was split apart in the process, to the horror of the Freedom Fighters, triggering the events of Sonic Unleashed in the Shattered World Crisis.

Bunnie and the other Freedom Fighters now had to aid G.U.N. and their other allies with dealing with the effects of the planet breaking up and releasing the energy of Dark Gaia across the world. Soon, when Sonic is stressed to the point that he undergoes his first full transformation into the Werehog, he departs to gain better control of his Werehog powers and abilities with Moss to avoid endangering the other Freedom Fighters, though Bunnie and those that did not see his first transformation are initially shocked once they see it themselves. However, Eggman soon manages to rebuild Dark Gaia, even managing to take Chip, AKA Light Gaia, hostage, but the Freedom Fighters are able to rescue Chip, and together with the Gaia Colossus, Super Sonic is able to defeat Perfect Dark Gaia and the planet is restored. Bunnie and the other Freedom Fighters are able to finally catch their breath as they enjoy the sunrise now that the Shattered World Crisis was over.


  • Because of clashing between Ken Penders, Archie and Sega all of the characters from the SatAM Sonic cartoon series had to go through design changes and look more like characters from the video games to fix the mess with Ken Penders when he tried to file a lawsuit against Sega.


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