The Burners are a group of teenagers who protect Motorcity from oppression and destruction at the hands of Abraham Kane. They are the protagonists of the series Motorcity.


The Burners use their cars and other skills to prevent KaneCo technology from seizing Motorcity. Each member brings their unique skills and personality to the team, and are united under Mike Chilton's leadership.

Each active Burner has their own color scheme; Mike is green, Chuck is blue, Julie is yellow, Dutch purple, and Texas is red. All Burners but Chuck have an animal motif; Mike's is a dog, Julie's a cat, Dutch's a scorpion, Texas' a rhinoceros, and Jacob's is a sasquatch.


Jacob's restaurant, Mutt Dogs, serves as a headquarter for the gang, with a garage located below the diner.


The group was founded by Mike Chilton after he discovered the cruel methods Kane employed to expand Detroit Deluxe into Motorcity.



  • The term 'Burners' likely refers to the phrase burning up the road, which is slang for driving extremely fast.[1]
  • The term 'Burners' may also refer to graffiti slang.
  • The Burners' logo is EXTREMELY similar to the flaming 8 ball on the right arm of Megas from Megas XLR. This is no coincidence, as many of the Motorcity crew are the same writing and directing team for Megas XLR.


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