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BurningGreymon is one of the main heroes and the Beast form of Agunimon. His known attacks are Pyro Barrage, and Wildfire Tsunami.


He resembles a red version of Greymon with fire-like wings.

Digimon Frontier

Agunimon scans BurningGreymon freeing Shamanmon and getting the spirit but with the side effect that he slide evolves into BurningGreymon himself. Takuya also has no control over the Beast Spirit and attacks Beetlemon so the freed Koji evolves to KendoGarurumon to battle him.

Takuya nearly kills Tommy and burns down the forest in his rampage, but Tommy's pleas and tears hitting BurningGreymon's eyes cause Takuya to regain control over himself and de-digivolve leaving him afraid of using his Beast Spirit again.

Desperate to save Tommy, Takuya takes a chance and digivolves to BurningGreymon and is in complete control this time.

He rescues Tommy then turns back into Agunimon to lure Gigasmon out of the forest to stop it from burning down in the fight and into the open before turning back into BurningGreymon. As they're on a wide-open plain, Gigasmon has the advantage as he's the Warrior of Earth, but BurningGreymon is more powerful and doesn't have to worry about burning down the forest and BurningGreymon finally defeats Gigasmon. He takes Gigasmon's Beast Spirit and retrieves Tommy's human one.

BurningGreymon's famous battles

  • BurningGreymon vs. Gigasmon
  • BurningGreymon, KendoGarurumon, MetalKabuterimon, Zephrmon, and Korikakkumon vs. Petaldramon
  • BurningGreymon vs. Duskmon
  • BurningGreymon vs. ShadowSeraphimon


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