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Domo, Robin-san. Over and.....OUT!
~ Bushido to Robin

Bushido is one of the many honorary Titans from the 2003 show Teen Titans and comics. He is a skilled swordsman and skilled at martial arts.

Teen Titans

Bushido first appeared in the episode Calling All Titans, in which he and Robin help each other defeat shadow ninjas in Japan. Robin then gives Bushido a communicator, in case Bushido needs help. Bushido is then attacked by Katarou and is captured. Bushido is seen again in the episode Titans Together, in which he uses his sword to cut off Atlas' leg and defeats Katarou this time. Bushido is last seen at the end of the episode helping the Titans recapture Dr. Light.


Bushido is a well-bulit Japanese male. His uniform consists of a sleeveless white shirt with pointed shoulder blades and long, black pants. He has a big collar similar to Katarou's which is blue on the inside, but the front of his collar is a black stripe which goes down to his belt. His belt is blue and carries his sword and scabbard, and he also wears long, black wristbands. Bushido wears simple, black sandals and his short, black, neatly trimmed hair is tied in a small ponytail. He looks like Samurai Jack without a white robe.


Bushido is a very respectful individual. After Robin handed him the communicator, he bowed, and in the issue Graduation, he used Japanese honorifics (domo and san). However, when fighting, he shows an aggressive side.


Bushido has no known superpowers, as he is fully human, but is a master of the sword. His sword is made of an unknown but strong steel alloy which was capable of slicing through Atlas's leg. Also, Bushido uses this sword with amazing skill; he was able to defeat four ninjas at once. He also possesses extraordinary reflexes, and is also trained in unarmed martial arts styles and he is a very accomplished acrobat. He has shown to have extraordinary speed, agility, and strength for a human. Bushido is strong enough to send a grown man flying with just a punch. Bushido also seems to be experienced in hand-to-hand combat, proven in "Calling All Titans!" and "Titans Together".



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