Buster is a minor protagonist in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, appearing in its second installment, 3Below. He is Stuart's companion and best friend who assists Aja and Krel Tarron when they are in danger.



After Buster arrived at Earth, he was captured by Colonel Kubritz and her men and brought to Area 49-B. It was there where he met Stuart, the latter of whom escaped and promised to return for him. As this hasn't happened for thirty years, Buster began to hold a grudge against him.


Part 1

When Stuart infiltrates Area 49-B alongside Aja, Krel, and Varvatos, he find Buster trapped in a giant glass container, and Aja rescues Buster even under the possibility of them being discovered by Kubritz and her men. Once freed, Buster wreaks havoc in Area 49-B and helps Aja and her friends escape, even reconciling with Stuart before fleeing into the forest. Eventually, during the Eternal Night caused by Morgana, Buster tries to help Stuart find Varvatos, but they are too late as Varvatos was taken by the Zeron Alpha to the bounty hunter outpost in the Moon.

Part 2

Krel calls Buster over to the Mothership's location when he and the Royals are being attacked by Morando and Kubritz's forces. Though Buster protects the Tarrons, Morando flies in his ship and fires Buster rapidly to his death.


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