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Buster (formerly called as The Worldbuster) is a Biggest Gigantic  dog from space that destroyed all planets he found in his way because it confused it with ball for dogs.


In Ballzeria system, Beeza and the Fleas built their perfect civilization, but eight different times, Buster came to destroy all they worked so hard to build. In fact, It happened so often that it became pure routine.

Finally, Buster ended destroying the last planet of Ballzeria and Beeza and the Fleas only could fly through space until they run out of fuel or food, whichever comes first and fight off cannibals with some kind of pointy stick. So Wander and Sylvia decided to help Beeza and the Fleas. In their first tried; the team build a huge capsule which they launched into space and transformed it into a giant mechanical bone which Buster follows after. Everyone celebrated their victory, but it doesn't last long as Buster returned and dropped the giant bone onto the planet, being that, according to Sylvia, when someone trow a dog a bone, he fetchs it.

In their second tried; everyone was lined up in front of Buster. Wander had the Fleas take out a bunch of whistles and blew them to shoo Buster off. The whistle sounds was inaudible to them, but not to Buster who was annoyed. The plan didn't work though, as after this, Buster began barking back, causing everything to blow all over the place and began licking everything with his tongue.

Their third and final tried consisted in throw as much trash as the Fleas can at Buster's tongue, stopping him. But eventually resumed licking, being that, according to Sylvia, dogs love trash.

After having tried everything, the team fleed to the rescue ship and off, allowing Buster to destroy the planet. Wander was upset but then comes up with another idea. He then broke into the cockpit, taook him out of there and took control of the ship in kamikaze plan to land between Buster's coat. Which turns out to be a great place for the Fleas to build their new civilization without any inconvenience.

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