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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls (2016 Reboot) television show. The original version can be found here: Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls).

If you're looking for a fight, ol' Buttercup can satisfy your need for a beatdown.
~ Buttercup
~ Buttercup going berserk over being called a princess

Buttercup is the middle of the three Powerpuff Girls and one of the three main protagonists of The Powerpuff Girls 2016 series. Her main ingredient is spice and her main color is green. Among the girls, Buttercup was named second.

She is voiced by Natalie Palamides.


Buttercup's overall nature is being a vain, and stubborn girl, who's known to be a very violent, arrogant, and sometimes have shown to be narcissistic as well.


She is a 5-year-old girl, the middle sister, with black hair and green eyes. She wears a green sleeveless dress which has a black stripe running through the middle, white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.


Season 1

  • Episode 1: The girls wanted to go to a concert along with the girls. Since Bubbles win 2 tickets, Bubbles can't decide who to bring since there's 3 of them and now since Mayor has a problem (not really), they decided to go to an island to see what's going on, later on Blossom tried stopping the lava monster but got jinxed by Buttercup so that Blossom won't fight thanks to her so instead Buttercup fight the monster. When the girls noticed the mayor, they saved him while Blossom and Buttercup are sorry for their actions. Blossom and Buttercup were not accepted in the concert while Bubbles instead bring her pet to the concert.
  • Episode 2: Blossom and Bubbles wanted Buttercup to sit down but Buttercup left and sit lonely, however Buttercup joined a team of new friends and then leave the cafeteria. Blossom and Bubbles will be waiting for Buttercup later, until then Blossom and Bubbles are lonely and now miss Buttercup. Morbucks wanted to be Buttercup's replacement to help the girls save townsville but Blossom doesn't want her to be a Powerpuff Girl, later on when Blossom and Bubbles got attacked by a monster, she accepted Morbucks as a Powerpuff Girl to save her but the girls fall into Morbucks' trap. When Buttercup realized her friends got paid by Morbucks to work with Buttercup, Buttercup left them and helped her sisters while also being sorry for what she did.
  • Episode 3: Blossom and Buttercup are trying to find Bubbles after the party that happened last night, while looking everywhere, Blossom and Buttercup thought Bubbles turned into a hat while she's likely not.
  • Episode 4: The girls were wondering what's going on after everyone got brainwashed and has gone insane so when the girls saw the rainbow, they decided to check on it, they saw a dancing panda in the rainbow, Blossom and Bubbles tried stopping the panda but ended up getting brainwashed so Buttercup stopped the panda herself and saved everyone from being brainwashed.
  • Episode 5: Bubbles tries to prove to everyone that unicorns are real by turning her friend into a unicorn but then ended up turning into a pig monster terrorizing townsville so Bubbles tried stopping him herself but got hurt, even when her friend is about to fall, he got saved and apologized to Bubbles for doing this.
  • Episode 6: Blossom and Bubbles wanted Buttercup to take anger management since Buttercup has a temper tantrum because she destroyed the entire fair even when her enemy is defeated, easily gets angry at someone who makes fun of her and hurt Bubbles. Buttercup is learning about anger management but then fails many lessons. However later on, she managed to prevent her anger and managed to fight her enemy without any temper tantrum.
  • Episode 7: The girls helps the mayor gets stuff for him. The girls also found a new assistant so they use her for the Mayor. Later on, they got trapped by Bianca so the mayor saved the girls while the girls stopped Bianca.
  • Episode 8: The girls were playing a match but then lost due to Bubbles' doll Octi. So later on Buttercup tried hiding her doll but instead Buttercup keep the doll to herself for fun. And now Buttercup is getting blamed and has to get the doll. The girls stopped Packrat, the one that's stolen Octi and got Octi back.
  • Episode 9: Packrat returned and stole many jewelry especially he got away. Since Bubbles was hurt, she has to wear a cast for now. Packrat also came back later on so Bubbles stopped him. Bubbles later on saved a bunch of citizens while loving her new cast, she turned Packrat into a toxic monster and then stopped Packrat after realizing her new cast makes her go insane so she destroyed it and felt remorse for her horrible actions.
  • Episode 10: There was a giant pig monster terrorizing townsville so the girls tried stopping the pig but Buttercup only stopped the pig for now. Since Bubbles and Buttercup discovered their new powers, they use their powers for fun while Blossom doesn't have any new powers. Later on since there was a new food monster, Blossom discovered her new powers and stopped the new food monster.
  • Episode 11: Bubbles wanted to enter the pageant using her voice and cuteness, the villains are also joining in to win the pageant because they want the crown. When Morbucks won, HIM controls the crown and took over Morbucks. Bubbles stopped her and saved the pageant although it was destroyed.
  • Episode 12: The girls wanted to get older so they ask the Professor for a potion, they get a little to drink. But then later on, when they drink too much, they turn into grandmas.
  • Episode 13: When Sabna visited Professor's house, the girls started being selfish while Professor loves her so much. When Sabna is starting to turn into a spider when the Professor loves her, she left the house and hide somewhere. When the girls saw Sabna as a spider, they stopped her and turned her back into normal. They broke up and now the Professor is sad, now the Professor is singing in the fountain while Sabna turned back into a spider and fought the girls. When Sabna heard the song and is distracted, the girls stopped her and Sabna turned back into normal. Sabna apologized but she can't love the Professor anymore so she leave him behind.
  • Episode 14: When Blossom wanted to keep the place organized, Bubbles and Buttercup rather wanted 2 piles but Blossom wanted more than 2 piles, so for now Bubbles and Buttercup left her because they're all supposed to work together but Blossom didn't listen and rather use all of her plans. Blossom also has a plan as that she summoned a bunch of evil ghosts and wanted her sisters' help. So the girls made a rap which made the ghosts goes back to where they belong.
  • Episode 15: Bubbles and Buttercup were investigating on the Ghost Horse, they thought the Janitor was the Ghost Horse so they tried stopping him but ended up turning into animals. So they tried stopping him once again and saved all of the people who turned into human animals.
  • Episode 16: The girls met a new popular girl in town known as Janica, the new popular girl wanted to get something valuable so the girls help her. Since the new popular girl lied, she had control with The Powerpuff Girls and have to listen what she say. When the girls pair up together, they break the control and saved the Professor.
  • Episode 17: The girls met a new princess and they wonder who she is. The princess is trying to risk her life in danger just so she can be saved by a prince.
  • Episode 18: When all the water is stolen, the one who's responsible for it is Manboy. So Bubbles and Blossom tried stopping Manboy but they got caught so Buttercup tried finding them and stop Manboy. Later on, she stopped Manboy and the girls returned all of the stolen water.
  • Episode 19: When Bubbles made a game, the Amoeba Boys are about to hack to their game and wipe out the internet, so Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup goes to the internet and stop the Amoeba Boys. Later on they stopped the Amoeba Boys.
  • Episode 20: When Bubbles get a messed up photo, she was crying and wanted it to be cute. Blossom and Buttercup tried cheering her up by getting a retake but then the camera girl got fired for messed up photos in the school. So Bubbles is gonna get the haircut to make her look cute but then the barber was revealed to be the same girl who takes photos. So Bubbles got her hair messed up and she was crying about it. Bubbles also got her face messed up as well. Now Bubbles has become a villain and works with Mojo. Bubbles and Mojo are gonna rule the world but then Bubbles stop herself from trying to rule the world and stopped Mojo and returned all of the animals ever since Blossom and Buttercup told her that she is the most caring person they have ever seen.
  • Episode 21: When Blossom and Bubbles are sick, Buttercup has to take care of them but Buttercup instead becomes lazy and then ended up turning her sisters into pigs. The only way to stop this if Buttercup gave them the antidote with a song.
  • Episode 22: When Blossom found a new boyfriend, she was too scared to either write yes or no on his note. So Blossom added winter for 30 days so that she won't see him any longer until she thinks about it. When Bubbles and Buttercup are mad at her for being responsible for the snow. Blossom decided to fix it and admit to her boyfriend that she can't date him as she is not ready.
  • Episode 23: When Blossom wanted to be the president, she fights against Morbucks to be the president. When things didn't go well, she uses her "bribes" against Bubbles to make her vote for her while Morbucks is doing the same thing against Bubbles. When Bubbles can't decide, she ended up turning into a dinosaur and attack Morbucks' ally. When Blossom realized what she is doing, she became sorry and let someone else be the president instead.
  • Episode 24: When Buttercup got a new frisbee, Bubbles and Blossom are gonna play with Buttercup until Bubbles found a new pet. Bubbles wanted to keep her but Buttercup and Blossom wanted her to give her pet to her mother ever since they found the mother of the pet.
  • Episode 25: When the Fashionistas are pretending to be "redeemed" villains, they wanted to use The Powerpuff Girls to get popular and then use Blossom as their bodyguards to attack the Professor.
  • Episode 26: When the girls garden got larger, there was a giant worm eating everything she sees. They wanted to protect the tomato but ended up bringing the worm with them. When their tomato is eaten, Bubbles is mad at her. Mojo appeared trying to destroy the fair while The Powerpuff Girls tried stopping him. Instead the worm stopped him and The Powerpuff Girls were happy and apologized to the worm for freaking out.
  • Episode 27: When Professor and Bubbles are having a road trip, Bubbles thought that the Professor is gonna leave her behind but when Bubbles figured out that the Professor was doing research about her favorites, Bubbles started crying and became happy. Blossom and Buttercup were also home alone with an annoying robot, when they broke the robot, they decided to fix it but when Buttercup made the robot worse, Buttercup instead barried the robot while Blossom asked what happened to the robot.
  • Episode 28: When the girls are gonna watch Space Towtruck tonight, there was a pillow in the loose. The pillow is gonna make everyone sleep if no one rests. So the pillow tried getting the girls and the Professor and then they ended up all asleep.
  • Episode 29: When Blossom is thinking about joining a clubs, most of the clubs she's thinking might turn out to be a complete disaster, she can't think of joining one and thought that Bubbles and Buttercup's club ideas are terrible.
  • Episode 30: When Silico is making false information on The Powerpuff Girls, the girls tried stopping Silico but then he disappeared.
  • Episode 31: The girls wanted to tell secrets to predict the future but then ended up using Professor's secrets.
  • Episode 32: When Bubbles and Buttercup wanted to use the time dasher, they ended up getting Blossom turn into her future self multiple times while trying to turn her back into normal.
  • Episode 33: When Buttercup stole all of the candy, the squash ended up trying to attack the girls, however the girls said some stories and now the squash let them leave for now since Bubbles made the squash happy.
  • Episode 34: When Buttercup ended up getting a free guitar from HIM, Bubbles and Blossom were controlled by HIM to play the band so that HIM can beat Buttercup.
  • Episode 35: When Buttercup made the Professor sneeze, Buttercup thought the Professor was in trouble and is now ended up on a bubble to keep him safe.
  • Episode 36: When Morbucks feel great about being good, she became Blossom's best friend, however later on when Morbucks noticed the Cash Crew hanging out with another rich person, Morbucks wanted to take her place again and stop The Powerpuff Girls but when she noticed the photo of Blossom and herself being friends, she was about to cry but then hide her true feelings so that she can keep her villainous acts but she still wanted to feel happy at home once if she bring the picture at her bed just so she can be happy at Blossom for being her best friend once.
  • Episode 37: TBA
  • Episode 38: When the girls made a wreckless decision, they ended up on another universe where things are mostly the opposite so they tried going back into their universe to fix their mistakes.
  • Episode 39: When Blossom has a to-do list, she forgot about Bubbles' project which is the most important out of all of them, now Bubbles' project turned into a monster thanks to Buttercup so Blossom stopped it since she was the one who's responsible for it.

Season 2

  • Episode 1: When Donny's being chased by an evil unicorn, the girls are gonna protect him. The girls were asking what's going on, Donny told about a mirror that summoned the same unicorn that is chasing him along with the evil unicorns. When the girls couldn't stop the evil unicorn, Donny instead stop them himself.
  • Episode 2: When Buttercup visit a place with old people, she makes fun of them and calls them old, however when she met someone who is a former superhero known as Green Wing, she said that Green Wing wasn't so bad after all when Green Wing and Buttercup stopped a former villain that Green Wing has fought.
  • Episode 3: When Bubbles wanted to be famous, she used the girls as her actors and then ended up becoming infamous. However due to Bubbles' new video recently, she became popular again.
  • Episode 4: The girls has to split up to solve 3 big problems. However things didn't work out but later on things managed to do so well.
  • Episode 5: When Buttercup wanted to get the most legendary lobster, she eventually realized what she did was wrong and instead put him back into the ocean while trying to stop Morbucks.
  • Episode 6: When Blossom was not invited, she decided to check Morbucks' party to see if there's anything suspicious, she tried stopping Morbucks but was about to be send by the sun. However since the rocket was melted since it's made of butter, Blossom and the girls got out of it and stopped Morbucks.
  • Episode 7: When Bubbles had the lead role for the school, Blossom started becoming jealous and tried sabotaging her play to get the lead role.
  • Episode 8: When Buttercup won all of the golf games, she wanted to keep the golf ball to herself, when Blossom pointed out that she can't keep the golf ball since it's not her own golf ball. When Buttercup didn't listen, there was a monster terrorizing townsville looking for the golf ball. However when the girls realized that the monster is not looking for the ball, she was looking for the pencil that Blossom was using.
  • Episode 9: When the girls argue for not being in their own places on the beach, Brosharks ended up appear and takes the entire beach. The girls beated Brosharks by winning a game.
  • Episode 10: When Bubbles and Professor found Schedule Bot, they wonder what's going on so they decided to check Schedule Bot in the lab, the Professor has discovered that someone must have hit Schedule Bot in the head. Later that night, Blossom and Buttercup are trying to sabotage Schedule Bot until things get worse. When Professor saw Schedule Bot had destructive mode activated, the Professor was disappointed at Blossom and Buttercup. When Schedule Bot was broken once again especially the house, Blossom and Buttercup were forced to fix the house while the Professor fixed Schedule Bot.
  • Episode 11: When Buttercup thought being as big as another superhero is a good idea, she ended up getting weaker while the girls needed her.
  • Episode 12: When the girls are trying to make Professor not boring just so they can prove to the students that he's an awesome father, they decided to let the Professor show something cool like his inventions but then didn't work, however when the Professor showed the most legendary jacket, the girls were impressed, they tried recording it until Silico used the suit. The girls tried stopping Silico but not for long, instead the Professor stopped him and now the girls showed footage of Professor, however since it was not the fighting footage, it's instead the footage of Professor hanging out with the girls which makes Professor really proud that he still has great parenting even without his powers.
  • Episode 13: When Bubbles wanted a new dog, she got a new dog named Polly, when she said she's gonna take responsibility, she didn't and rather let Polly make so much mess in the house. Later on, Bubbles and Polly goes outside to buy a bunch of stuff, Polly needed. When she noticed Polly as a criminal, Bubbles now has to work with Polly without her even trying to stop Polly or even bother trying to leave him behind. So now, Polly and Bubbles did a bunch of robberies while Blossom and Buttercup are gonna stop Polly, when Polly command Bubbles to attack the girls, Bubbles instead stop Polly when she realized what she did was wrong.
  • Episode 14: When Buttercup is known to be the "Math Queen", Buttercup is mad and rather wanted to be more of a fighter than the master of Math. While there's a math monster, Buttercup stopped her and felt good since she stopped the Math Monster while using her Math answers against him.
  • Episode 15: When Blossom is excited to see Camp Big Dipper while her sisters are not, they were so excited to see it, when Blossom wants to see the places, she saw fun places instead of places with science stuff. When Blossom saw all of the places, she starts getting bored all because the places are not filled with science. When Blossom discovered an abandoned place that was closed due to the lack of fun, she sees it and she saw a bunch of cool science stuff in there. She even saw the rocket, she wanna test the rocket without even having a chance to tell her sisters about it. When Blossom went to space, she's starting to feel remorse after leaving her sisters behind so she went back on earth and told her sisters that she now wanna have fun.
  • Episode 16: When Bubbles wanted to know what times where she was helpful, Blossom and Buttercup instead show times where they are the heroes instead of Bubbles, Bubbles was crying since she was not helpful at all and goes to her bed. Later on, when everyone wanted to see Bubbles, everyone thought Bubbles was the most helpful person of Townsville which made Bubbles really happy.
  • Episode 17: When the girls are wondering what's going on with the water that looks like toxic acid, they decided to check on it, when there was giant spider monsters, they stopped it until Sabna appeared. They tried stopping Sabna but not for long, instead the Professor stopped her and hugged her when Sabna turned back into normal.
  • Episode 18: When Bubbles is imagining about the cute life especially food who are alive and beatbox, she realized she was shaking Buttercup doing her imagination and then ended up getting her detention. When HIM is gonna turn Professor's house into Bubbles' imagination, she stole Bubbles' powers of imagination and used it against Blossom and Buttercup. Blossom and Buttercup are now gonna stop HIM. They stopped HIM by letting Bubbles to get HIM's hat.
  • Episode 19: When Jared and The Powerpuff Girls went inside the board game, Blossom and Bubbles got captured and was send in the castle. Jared and Buttercup are gonna help them by getting inside the castle. When Jared and Buttercup found the girls, they're gonna protect them and stop the giant jelly monster.
  • Episode 20: When the girls are visiting the dentist, Blossom was too scared to go because she thought it's scary. Later on, when she realized what she did was wrong, she goes to the dentist and got her tooth fixed. Later on, when the Professor is planning to get Blossom braces for her tooth, she refused to get braces as well.
  • Episode 21: When Mojo and Barbarus are on a date, Blossom ended up getting her plans ruined and then left Townsville. However later on, when Blossom thought that leaving townsville for something little is a stupid reason, she goes back to Townsville to stop Mojo and Barbarus.
  • Episode 22: When Mojo and Barbarus are having a wedding, Blossom and Buttercup ruined their wedding while Bubbles tried stopping them since Bianca lied to them.
  • Episode 23-27: When Bubbles met Bliss, the girls thought she's acting insane again all because she has a imaginary friend, Bubbles got trapped during the movie that they're gonna watch, Blossom and Buttercup did that to Bubbles just so Bubbles can't cause any danger. However when Blisstina was seen, Blossom and Buttercup now believed Bubbles and the Professor uses his shocking pen against Bliss for her to sleep since her power was too dangerous. When Bliss is trapped, Professor needs to take her power since it's too dangerous. However when things worked out, Blisstina's doing pretty fine with her power but Professor don't trust her. Since there's the Chipmunk Commando, Blisstina defeated him but continues attacking him to get him killed. Now the Professor's mad at him, when ME appeared who is Bliss' pet, ME said that the Professor didn't care or neither the girls and then ME turned into HIM as his true form to steal Bliss' power. When HIM turned into a giant monster, he was turning people into inanimate objects and make saturn closer to the earth just so they can split up the earth and kill everyone. However when Bubbles get Bliss back, they form into a giant Powerpuff Girl to stop HIM. When they stopped HIM, things are back to normal especially the saturn is no longer moving. When Blisstina is gonna move to space now to get the saturn back where it belongs, she said bye bye to her sisters and the Professor while she's gonna return someday.
  • Episode 28: When the girls are having movie night with their costumes, the Mayor called as there was a monster, when the girls came, they come and look for the monster. When they realized the monster is the mayor, the girls stopped the mayor and stopped the mayor from eating expired vampire pickles which made the mayor turn into a monster whenever he eats one.
  • Episode 29: When Mojo noticed the error of his ways due to having a bad Christmas dream, he decided to change his ways by bringing joy to Christmas but since everyone wanted Mojo to destroy the tree, Mojo destroyed the tree, however he also destroyed the entire Townsville as well which made the girls stop Mojo from destroying Christmas.
  • Episode 30: When Bubbles made a robot clone of herself, her clone was possessed or controlled by Silico just so Silico can use her to destroy The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Episode 31-32: When Bliss visit Townsville to tell about her worst enemy, Sporde, she needed The Powerpuff Girls for help, when Bliss met Sporde disguising as a human, Bliss loved him until she realized she was Sporde all along, when she stopped Sporde, she send him in the jar and bring him to the agents and now Bliss was joined to be the defender of the cosmos.
  • Episode 33: When Buttercup got longer hair, she got sick and felt asleep due to her having super lice. So Blossom and Buttercup had to use a bomb to cure her by becoming smaller and goes to Buttercup's head.
  • Episode 34: When Buttercup's gonna work with Jenica on getting the Death Bomb. Buttercup knew Jenica lied to her just so the girls can destroy the Death Bomb since Jenica is gonna use it to destroy Townsville.
  • Episode 35: When Bubbles wanted to learn how to burp, the girls instead get hiccups. When Gnat appeared, the girls stopped him using the hiccups but ended up making things worse, it summoned a tornado so when the girls ran out of hiccups, they drink soda again but still feels no hiccups but Bubbles burped so hard, the tornado ran away.
  • Episode 36: When Mojo's gonna plan to destroy Townsville, rob a coffee shop and other stores, The Powerpuff Girls already appear before he had a chance, when Mojo is gonna steal the toys to know their secrets, things didn't work out and their secrets made Mojo not willing to attack them so instead Mojo brings back their toys and instead sleep.
  • Episode 37: When Buttercup added Bubbles to the Derpytantes team game, Bubbles ended up as the most popular teammate of the team while Buttercup is just sitting on the sidelines, when Bubbles realized about Buttercup, she fake her arm injury to make Buttercup play the game for her. When there's robots who are actually monster robots, Bubbles now stop the robots along with Buttercup and made Buttercup win the game for the team.
  • Episode 38: When Bubbles is sad, Blossom and Buttercup tried cheering her up but things didn't work out. However when the armadillo appeared, Bubbles cheered the Armadillo especially it cheered herself as well.
  • Episode 39: When there's some proper lady who wanted the girls to be polite and act normal, things didn't work out as the girls couldn't fight Mojo "normally" since the girls are just acting like the same polite lady. However when the lady realized what she did was wrong, she let the girls fight crime normally.
  • Episode 40: When Bubbles grows a beard thanks to Manboy who shot her with his beard ray, Bubbles started acting like a real man and a total jerk while acting like a villain to stop The Powerpuff Girls. However it is understandable since Bubbles got brainwashed by him when she grow the beard. Otherwise the girls and Manboy stopped Bubbles from being brainwashed.
  • Episode 41: When Blossom tries to prove that Chiru is real, the girls thought she ended up going crazy. When a monster appeared, the monster capture the girls until Chiru saved the girls from being captured and now Blossom is rubbing on her sisters' faces since she finally proved that Chiru is real.
  • Episode 42: When Morbucks cheated the whole game, the girls were pretending to be eaten just so they can get Morbucks to admit she's a cheater.
  • Episode 43: Mojo is gonna stop The Powerpuff Girls by making a giant box robot but instead the giant box robot is targetting for Mojo and now Mojo needed the girls help. However when the box apologized to Mojo, he's gonna work together with Mojo until he got destroyed by The Powerpuff Girls, as well as the girls stopping Mojo.
  • Episode 44: When the Fashionistas got a new spray to brainwash everyone (temporarily) to listen to what they say, the girls tried stopping them but ended up got brainwashed by them and then gave them the gems. When the girls realized what they did, they need to stop the Fashionistas but with someone who could help them. When there's some lady who knows how to stop the Fashionistas, the lady gave them an antidote where everyone gets mad at the Fashionistas and they use their weapons against the Fashionistas which actually works since Bubbles used the antidote on all of the citizens.
  • Episode 45: When Duplikate accidently cloned Blossom into 3, things are now a problem since the other 2 Blossom left the original Blossom behind while Buttercup and Bubbles are alone with each other. When Buttercup noticed the signal, Buttercup and Bubbles appeared and now worked together with Blossom since Blossom's clones are just doing Focus Testing. Now since Blossom's clones are doing something else, the girls fight Duplika themselves by distracting her and then later on defeat her.
  • Episode 46: When Mojo stole the girls powers, he become the greatest person of all time. So when the girls are trapped, Buttercup is thinking of a way to get out of the trap by using Bubbles.
  • Episode 47: When Morbucks is adding false information about the girls using a song, everyone loved it and wanted the girls to get out of town for being villains. However later on, when the girls made a song, everyone no longer believed that the girls are villains. After that, Morbucks summoned a giant boombox robot to destroy The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Episode 48: When Miss Keane is nervous about the date, she ended up getting bigger by Mojo and everyone thought she was a monster so she ran away and go to Monster Island. The girls try to convince her to go back just so the Professor can help her but it didn't work. However later on when Miss Keane realized about the girls, she is gonna stop the ant and save the girls.
  • Episode 49: When Morbucks met Barry, she fell in love until when Barry is with Blossom, Morbucks is gonna destroy Blossom and get her love back.
  • Episode 50: When Bubbles wanted to make everyone happy, things ended up getting worse, however when she made Largo and the Allergo hugged each other, these two became Tempo again thanks to Bubbles.

Season 3

  • Episode 1: When there's a girl trying to disguise as Buttercup, she uses her body to take over her powers and then Buttercup ended up in another body that looks like butter while she's melting.
  • Episode 2: When Erica saw a note about the great evil, she asked The Powerpuff Girls for help, Erica keep fighting innocent people which ended up got her arrested, however when Erica promised to not fight the innocence, The Powerpuff Girls freed her but she ended up fighting more innocent people which still got her arrested once again. When there's a lava monster, The Powerpuff Girls needed Erica's help so they get Erica quick. Erica defeated the lava monster using her tiny sword which killed the lava monster.
  • Episode 3-4: When Jemmica revealed her true colors, she tried stopping The Powerpuff Girls until they stopped her using Mojo Jojo's slow-motion gun.
  • Episode 5: When Tess hurt the leader of all Deathball teams, Blossom has the footage of her hurting the leader so Blossom tried stopping Tess by revealing the footage.
  • Episode 6: When Mojo and the girls got hit by the antidote which got exploded, the Professor thought that one of them was infected by the antidote which might have turn them into a pig monster. However later on, it was the Professor who got infected so the girls stopped him and saved him by using the giant pill which turns the Professor back to normal.
  • Episode 7: Buttercup pretends to go to outer space so that she can proof she's not a coward.
  • Episode 8: When Blossom said that Bubbles will be the leader at some other time, Bubbles has some stupid plans she uses against her enemies, Blossom tried pointing out her plans are too stupid but Bubbles refused to listen which made Blossom ended up on the volcano base. Now, the Gnat will fry everyone but Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup stopped her.
  • Episode 9-12: Lester trapped all of the citizens and defeated The Powerpuff Girls. He also betrayed Mojo so Mojo turned The Powerpuff Girls back into normal so they can stop Lester.
  • Episode 13: When the girls wanted to buy the best gift for the Professor, they couldn't get it since the villains ended up destroying almost all of the mugs and all of the stores were closed before they had a chance to get the mug.
  • Episode 14: When Buttercup sabotaged Daisy, things get worse. So the girls wanted to stop Daisy from taking over Professor's house.
  • Episode 15: When the girls had to eat vegetables, Mojo appeared with Ice Cream, when Mojo is selling Ice Cream, the girls get the Ice Cream and licks it which ended up getting them frozen. When Mojo got everyone frozen, he took the train and is gonna destroy every store. The Powerpuff Girls couldn't stop him since they can't resist the Ice Cream, however when they thought of a plan, they have to play a fun game to stop Mojo so that they can resist the Ice Cream. When Mojo was defeated, Mojo returned with chocolate, The Powerpuff Girls thought about buying the chocolate.
  • Episode 16: Silico is disguising as Bliss so that he can make a new tech thing where it brainwashes everyone and forces them to stop Bliss and The Powerpuff Girls, however Silico is just dreaming or imagining to the point where it makes him go crazy so Bliss and The Powerpuff Girls puts him in jail and tied him up since he's been going crazy at some point.
  • Episode 17: The girls said Barry was a superhero (only because of his pies), Barry believed that he is really a superhero, so he put his life in danger so the girls tried stopping Barry and save him before it's too late.
  • Episode 18: When Buttercup became The Fog, she used the villains as her allies just so she can fight them for fun.
  • Episode 19: When Bubbles saw the giant spoon, she's using the spoons against toothbrushes which ended up her fighting Blossom all because Blossom wanted her to brush her teeth.
  • Episode 20: When there's a new cat burglar, Blossom and Bubbles has to stop it until an army of cats appeared so that the cats can stop the cat burglar and find out who he really is.
  • Episode 21: When Buttercup made a bet with the Gangreen Gang, she lost the Professor's hat that is very important for the science fair especially she lost her girls stuff, so The Powerpuff Girls and Professor team up together to stop the Gangreen Gang and get their stuff back.
  • Episode 22: The Professor wanted to be impressed by the scientists but failed, however when there's a team of bad scientists appeared, Professor became happy and wanted to introduce his invention to them. When the Professor made friends with the bad scientists, the girls didn't trust them as they were about to explode their lab and made the Professor create a giant monster so that the scientists can destroy his lab.
  • Episode 23: When Bubbles and Buttercup wanted to buy something, they needed one more dollar so they sold Blossom's soul for a dollar to HIM. Now Blossom teached HIM a lesson by forcing him to work on his job which made HIM ended up put Blossom's soul back where it belongs and Bubbles and Buttercup ended up on the hospital when HIM got his dollar back.
  • Episode 24: When Bubbles and Buttercup had to team up together, Bubbles ended up breaking Buttercup's comic so Buttercup is messing around in the Professor's lab finding glue but ended up with Bubbles becoming Buttercup's tail. When Bubbles is becoming "useless" due to Buttercup, Bubbles apologized for breaking her comic and was crying for what she did, however Buttercup said she was the one who is the jerk and she apologized for it so they stopped Mojo together and fix the comic.
  • Episode 25: TBA
  • Episode 26: When Ms. Moss is thinking of using a spell against the students including The Powerpuff Girls, the girls couldn't stop Mojo since they were controlled by the spell, Bubbles saved all of the students and the girls by breaking the spell when she remembered her lines and the girls stopped Mojo.
  • Episode 27: The girls has to watch the ruby so that the ruby can be protected in the Museum.
  • Episode 28: TBA
  • Episode 29: When Morbucks wanted Bubbles to work with her and take the Octi, she fails multiple times since Morbucks can't take the Octi.
  • Episode 30: Professor wanted to make the girls proud by watching the girls playing soccer. However it made things worse and he ended up becoming a bad coach.




  • Despite being the toughest fighter, she still has a soft side.

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