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Bernie "Buzz" Blitzman is the character of Mighty Ducks. He is an orphaned genius young boy in his early teens. He is a major fan of the Ducks, and is particularly fond of Mallory. He proves to be a big help to the Ducks. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Buzz is an brilliant inventor, who is also the biggest Mighty Ducks fan the team has ever known, revering the Ducks and developing a adorkable crush on Mallory McMallard. Buzz lives in an Unbridled Technologies facility, watched over by his well-meaning but overbearing guardian. Buzz's wishes to be able to go where he wants and do what he wants, and has been refusing to give up anymore of his ideas until his demands are met.

When his negation tactic seems to have failed him, Buzz escapes the facility. The next day The Ducks are forced to attend an event planned by Phil. Buzz appears in the crowd and exited at getting a chance to meet the team, races up on stage to talk to them. Soon the Saurians teleport in and attempt to kidnap the boy. Not certain why the Saurians would be after him, the Ducks take Buzz under their protection. Unfortunately, Buzz's overzealousness and enthusiasm exasperates Mallory to the point that she yells at him. Deeply hurt, Buzz runs away and the Ducks have to go searching for him.

When Mallory and Nosedive find him, Buzz explains that he was orphaned at a young age when he lost his parents in an accident. He goes on that his one wish was to be just like the Ducks. Mallory apologizes, but soon the Saurians appear again and the Ducks are on the defensive, soon both Buzz and Nosedive are captured.

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