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Hero Overview

To Infinity and Beyond!
~ Buzz’s catchphrase.
Not today Zurg!
~ Buzz as he attacks Zurg with his laser, defeating him and ruining his plans.

Captain Buzz Lightyear is the titular main protagonist of the 2022 Pixar film Lightyear. He is a legendary Space Ranger and member of Star Command who protects the galaxy from the threat of invasion.

He is voiced by Chris Evans, who also played The Human Torch in 2005's Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel, Casey Jones in 2007's TMNT, and Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Buzz Lightyear has brown hair and blue eyes. He is primarily dressed in a white spacesuit with partial green portions. In one artwork, he wore a normal astronaut uniform. He also had a red and white spacesuit.

Powers and Abilities

One of Buzz's abilities is to fire lasers.


Buzz Lightyear and his commanding officer and best friend Alisha Hawthorne were tasked with safely transporting a ship full of Star Command colonists through hyperspace when they detected life forms on the planet T'Kani Prime and decide to make a pitstop to investigate. As they explore the planet's surface, Alisha revealed that she had bought with them a new recruit, Featheringhamstan, that Buzz was to suppose to train and supervise, much to Lightyear's annoyance.

After discovering that the planet hosts hostile lifeforms, they were forced to retreat. Buzz damages the ship during the retreat, forcing the crew to evacuate in order to conduct repairs and continue their journey. One year later, the crew have constructed a nascent colony along with the necessary infrastructure to conduct repairs. Buzz volunteers to test hyperspace fuel, a key component of the repairs. After a four-minute test, he finds that four years have passed on T'Kani Prime, due to the effects of time dilation from having traveled at relativistic speeds. Buzz is introduced to Sox, a robotic feline, and continues testing the hyperspace fuel. With every test, four more years pass on T'Kani Prime, until eventually over 62 years have passed. During this time, the colony develops; Alisha raises a son with her wife Kiko, subsequently dying of old age; and Sox improves the fuel's composition, allowing it to obtain faster-than-light speeds.

Buzz manages to succeed in his hyperspeed fuel drive against Burnside'sorders. Landing on T'Kani Prime, he discovered that 22 years have passed. During that time, T'Kani Prime has been invaded by Emperor Zurg and his army of Zyclops robots. Buzz meets up with members of the colony’s defense forces, including Izzy Hawthorne, Alisha’s now-adult granddaughter, Mo Morrison, a fresh, naïve recruit, and Darby Steel, an elderly paroled convict. While initially reluctant to work with them, Buzz eventually warms up to them. Together, they plan to attack Zurg’s ship and destroy the invading force.

Zurg captures Buzz Lightyear and brings him aboard his ship where he reveals that he is an older Buzz from an alternate timeline in which he escaped from Burnside’s forces after the successful hyperspace test. Aided by the effects of time dilation, he traveled to the far future, encountering a technologically advanced and abandoned vessel. He assumed Zurg's identity by wearing his mecha suit, and traveled to the now-present to obtain more hyperspace fuel from Buzz in order to travel further back in time and prevent the exploration vessel from landing on T'Kani Prime in the first place. However, Buzz refuses due to the implications of the possible temporal paradox that would result from such actions, which would wipe out the current timeline and everyone from it. Meanwhile, Izzy, Mo, Darby, and Sox board Zurg’s ship to assist Buzz. After a chaotic assault on the ship, Buzz and his comrades-in-arms destroy the ship and escape.

However, Zurg, having survived his ship's destruction, arrives and attacks Buzz, grabbing the hyperspace fuel. As Zurg prepares to destroy him, Buzz shoots the fuel, causing it to explode and incapacitate Zurg. With the fuel gone, Buzz wishes to stay on T'Kani Prime. Upon landing, Burnside arrests Buzz, but relents, allowing Buzz to revive the Space Ranger Corps. Buzz selects Izzy, Mo, Darby, and Sox to form the core of this organization, much to Burnside's surprise. Buzz and his team are then sent off to a new adventure in parts unknown.


  • Buzz said a few lines that were identical to his toy counterpart in his debut.
  • According to Buzz's dog tags, his blood type is O positive.
  • Buzz's present day is 89 years after he caused the ship to crash; for him it was only 19 days before his final 12 year jump. It hits him hard that any friends or family he had back home are now dead; leaving him with just Sox for emotional support.
  • Despite being the character Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear was based on, this version didn't exist until 27 years afterwards.
  • The incompetent Space Rangers he works with are like Team Lightyear in The Adventure Begins; they even mirror Mira Nova (Izzy), Booster (Mo) and XR (Darby). Just like in the film, he chooses them as his team after a near-death mission to stop Zurg.

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