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Hero Overview

To infinity... and beyond!
~ Buzz Lightyear's famous catchphase.
You are a sad, strange little man. And you have my pity. Farewell.
~ Buzz telling Woody he is a "sad, strange little man" before leaving him when they get lost in the gas station—his most famous quote.

Buzz Lightyear is the deuteragonist of the Disney/Pixar Toy Story franchise.

He is a spaceman action figure, with pop-up wings, laser light flash, multi-sound voice simulator, wrist communicator, karate-chop action, and open-able space helmet and one of the toys owned by Andy Davis and later Bonnie Anderson. He is Woody's former rival--turned #1 best friend and Jessie's boyfriend. In the universe of Toy Story he is based on a space ranger, who alongside his crew of Star Command rangers defends the galaxy against evil plots hatched by the Evil Emperor Zurg.

In the films, Buzz is the deuteragonist of Toy Story and Toy Story 3, the tritagonist of Toy Story 2 and a major character in Toy Story 4. The human version of himself that inspired the toy line is set to appear as the eponymous protagonist in the 2022 spinoff film, Lightyear.

In other media, he was the titular protagonist and the popular TV series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and its movie Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins, the protagonist of the Toy Story Toons short Small Fry and a supporting character in the TV specials Toy Story of Terror! and Toy Story That Time Forgot, and also in Hawaiian Vacation and Partysaurus Rex.

In the films, TV specials, and shorts, he is voiced by Tim Allen, who also played Dave Douglas in The Shaggy Dog, and Scott Calvin/Santa Claus in the Santa Clause trilogy. In the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command media, he is voiced by Patrick Warburton, who also played Sheriff Stone on Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated, Kronk in The Emperor's New Groove and its sequel, Kronk's New Groove, Steve Barkin on Kim Possible, and Joe Swanson on Family Guy. In his video game appearances, he is voiced by Mike MacRae. In the 2022 Pixar spin-off film, he will be voiced by Chris Evans, who also played The Human Torch in 2005's Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel, Casey Jones in 2007's TMNT, and Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Physical Appearance

Buzz physically appears as a slender spaceman action figure along with blue eyes, purple hood, and green, white and purple spacesuit complete with pop up wings, laser light flash, multi-sound voice simulator, wrist communicator, karate-chop action, and open-able space helmet.


Like Woody, Buzz's personality changes throughout the series.

In the first Toy Story, Buzz believed he was a real space ranger and not a toy, which irritates Woody, and because of this, he believed he could do anything a real space ranger could do, such as flying and using his "laser", which was actually only a light bulb.

However, after discovering the truth about him being a toy while watching a TV commercial for Buzz Lightyear toys in Sid's house, his personality changed completely. He became depressed that he never cared that he might die when Sid strapped him to a rocket. But after Woody tells Buzz being a toy is important, he begins to understand his role as a toy and develops a friendship with Woody.

Buzz seems to be clueless to human cultures, such as calling smores "schmoes" and Hawaii "Hei-wei-aii".

Buzz also has a crush on Jessie, but he is shy around her. Even in his demo mode, he calls Jessie a "temptress" and tells her that he was immune to her "bewitching good looks". In his Spanish mode, Buzz becomes completely romantic towards Jessie.

After realizing he's just a toy, Buzz becomes far more level-headed, to the point he often helps Woody lead the other toys and guide them whenever they're unsure about what to do. He also becomes very loyal to them and Andy, best shown when he spearheads a rescue mission to save Woody, but ultimately convinces him to return with them even though he initially let his paranoia and insecurity make him reluctant to do so.

Like Woody, he is also reliable when it comes to looking out for others and rescuing them in their time of need and has both a strong sense of honor and forgiveness. The former is best seen when he is given the chance to be personally transferred to the Butterfly Room it Sunnyside Daycare in Toy Story 3 where he could be handled by more mature and responsible kids but decided if he couldn't if it meant leaving his friends in the Caterpillar Room since as family, they stuck together, and the latter is demonstrated when he helps Woody save Lotso despite all the horrible things he had done, including brainwashing him.

Despite generally showing a decent level of intelligence and level-headedness, Buzz can still be quite dense when it comes to certain concepts. For example, in Toy Story 4, he's completely oblivious to the concept of an inner conscience when Woody explains it to him, and starts thinking that his own voice commands are his own inner conscience.


Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, come in Star Command. Star Command come in, do you read me? Why don't they answer. (gasps) My ship! Blast! This will take weeks to repair. Buzz Lightyear mission log, star date 4-0-7-2. My ship has run off course en route to sector 12. I've crash-landed on a strange planet. The impact must have awoken me from hyper sleep. Terrain seems a bit unstable. No readout yet if the air is breathable. And there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.
~ Buzz's first lines
No, Woody. For the first time, I AM thinking clearly. You were right all along, I'm not a space ranger. I'm just a toy, a stupid, little insignificant toy.
~ Buzz in his depression as he finally realizes he is a toy
How dare you open a spaceman's helmet on an uncharted planet?! My eyeballs could've been sucked from their sockets!
~ Buzz getting mad at Woody for opening his helmet
This isn't flying! This is falling with style!
~ Buzz Lightyear
Don't you get it?! You see the hat?! I AM MRS. NESBITT!
~ Buzz as Mrs. Nesbitt
No, no! Guys! You've got the wrong Buzz! YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG BUZZ!!!
Woody, you're not a collector's item, you're a child's plaything. You are a TOY!
~ Buzz uses Woody's most famous quote from the first film to bring Woody back to his senses in Toy Story 2
What's important now is we stay together
(Jessie: We're being abandoned!) We'll be fine, Jessie.
~ Buzz trying to comfort Jessie when she fears they will be abandoned
UNHAND ME, YOU COWARDS! I demand to talk to Lotso!
~ Buzz telling Lotso's minions to allow him to talk to Lotso after he gets captured
We're a family. We stay together.
~ Buzz refusing Lotso's offer
Stop! No! No!! NOOOOO!!!!
~ Buzz moments before he gets switched to Demo mode
Don't worry, Woody, in just a few hours, you'll be sittin' around a campfire with Andy and makin' delicious hot schmoes!
~ Buzz as he tries to comfort Woody when he gets worried about his missing hat--Another one of his famous quotes





  • Buzz's original names were Lunar Larry and Tempus from Morph.
  • In another Pixar film A Bug's Life, Flik used his catchphrase in the bloopers.
  • Buzz makes a cameo in Finding Nemo, in the dentist's waiting room where Nemo spots him.
  • A parody of Buzz Lightyear appeared in the MAD episode The Buzz Identity/Two and A Half-Man.
  • Buzz was voiced by Tim Allen in the films and Patrick Warburton (who also played Joe Swanson) in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
  • Buzz was originally going to be voiced by Billy Crystal (who would later voice Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc and Monsters University).
  • Buzz makes a cameo and was mentioned on the 2 Vicky & Jewel episodes Jesus Hates You and Sue My Pants.
  • He is named after astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
  • Buzz's spacesuit was originally going to be red instead of green, white and purple.
  • Buzz's concept art started out as Tinny from the Pixar Short film, Tin Toy.
  • Along with Woody, Rex and Mr. Potato Head, Buzz is one of the four characters to appear in all four films, shorts and the TV special Toy Story of Terror and Toy Story That Time Forgot.
  • In the French dubs of Toy Story media, his name is Buzz Leclair.
  • Buzz Lightyear, along with Woody, was going to be one of Sora's summons in the role-playing video game Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, but was scrapped because Square Enix had not yet claimed the rights to Pixar properties, although a complete model of him without any textures was found in the game's code. Later, the D23 trailer of Kingdom Hearts III showed a new world based on Toy Story, where Woody and Buzz become Sora's party members to find and save Andy Davis at Galaxy Toys before Young Xehanort does. It is the first instance of a Pixar-based Kingdom Hearts world.
  • Buzz makes a cameo appearance in Ralph Breaks the Internet.
  • Buzz surfing on the toy car ramp to help Woody get up in Toy Story 2 looks very identical to what he did to prove to Woody and the other toys that he can fly in Toy Story.
  • Buzz screaming "YOU ARE A TOY!" at Woody at Al's apartment in Toy Story 2 is very similar to what Woody had said to Buzz while he and Buzz were still stranded at the gas station in Toy Story.
  • In the Japanese dub of the film, he is voiced by George Tokoro.

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