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I'm Super CJ!
~ CJ Casagrande's most famous quote.

Carlos Junior "CJ" Casagrande is one of the main characters of The Casagrandes. He is the second-born child of Carlos and Frida Puga Casagrande and one of the cousins of Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago. He is an imaginative boy, who likes to play pretend and be things like superheroes and pirates. He is also the younger brother of Carlino and Carlitos.

He is voiced by Jared Kozak.


The Loud House

In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", CJ made a banner for Ronnie Anne Santiago's new room that said "Ronnie Anne's Room. Keep Out.".

In "The Loudest Thanksgiving", CJ ran his yearly Thanksgiving canned food drive for charity.

Los Casagrandes

In "Store Wars", CJ worked at the bodega even though he was extremely tired, just so that the store could stand a chance against the Hi 'N' Buy.

In "Arr in the Family", CJ fought against Ralphie for the honor of raising the jolly roger flag in the pirate dinner theater play and knocked him off the deck. However, he still showed mercy for him and saved him life, despite Ralphie not deserving it, being the hateful, selfish, assholic villain he is.

In "Operation Dad", CJ helped Ronnie Anne and the others convince Arturo to move into Great Lakes City permanently.

In "Grandparent Trap", CJ and the other kids helped Rosa and Hector get back together by setting them up on a surprise date and also putting them on a relationship talk show.

In "Dial M for Mustard", CJ helped the other kids catch the evil hot dog guy who was stealing Bruno's mustard.


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