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Caroline June "CJ" Martin is the main protagonist of 100 Things to Do Before High School.

She was portrayed by Isabela Moner, who also portrayed Jeanne Galletta in Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life, Izabella in Transformers: The Last Knight and Dora in 2019 live-action movie Dora the Explorer.


CJ Martin is a smart, optimistic 12-year-old who believed that high school would be the best years of her and her best friends' lives until her brother tells her the truth: she will lose all of her friends before high school due to them liking different things. Fearing the loss of her best friends she sets out to do 100 things with them before high school no matter what wacky situations they encounter.


CJ has brown eyes, fair skin complexion and dimples. Her staple outfit consists of a dress, denim jacket with long sleeves, and converses. She also has long, wavy, dark brown hair.


  • She, Fenwick and Crispo are based on Mickey, Donald and Goofy.
  • CJ is smart, optimistic and always knows how to solve problems, just like Mickey. They both also sometimes had their loss moments where someone outsmarted or defeated them.
  • Fenwick is pessimistic and thinks he's very smart, just like Donald. They both often lose their temper, and act bad in several episodes. However, Donald is a flawed hero who couldn't get enough bad deeds to be on Villains Wiki, but Fenwick is more of a protagonist villain than a hero and often does bad things, unlike Donald.
  • Crispo is stupid and of course "goofy", just like Goofy. They both are good guys in general, but their stupidity can often lead them to problems and make that they act bad sometimes.



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