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Hero Overview

Cabba is a supporting character in the 2015 Japanese martial arts fantasy manga series Dragon Ball Super and its 2015-2018 anime television series adaptation of the same name.

He is a Saiyan from Universe 6 who was selected by Champa to be apart of the team. After his battle with Vegeta, he started to view the latter as his mentor.

At some point in the past, he fought alongside a fellow Universe 6 fighter known as Frost to stop Space Pirates on the planet Mayonnai, until later at the tournament he discovered it was all Frost's doing.

He is voiced by Daisuke Kishio in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Clifford Chapin, who also voiced Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia, in the English version.


Universe 6 Saga

Debuting during the Tournament of Destruction storyline, Cabba would quickly form a bond with Universe 7's Saiyan Prince Vegeta before facing off with the main cast once again in the anime series' final storyline, the Tournament of Power.

As the most powerful warriors from Universe 6 are assembled by Vados for the Tournament of Destruction, Cabba notices Universe 7's Goku and Vegeta, identifying them both as fellow Saiyans. Cabba reveals that his universe's Planet Sadala survived, with the Saiyan home world leading to its own incarnation of the warrior race, established as interplanetary peacekeepers rather than conquerors as they had been in Universe 7 before Planet Vegeta's destruction, with Cabba battling against space pirates secretly led by Frost, who resembles Universe 7's Frieza.

Battling against Vegeta in the martial arts tournament, Cabba transforms into a Super Saiyan when Vegeta threatens to destroy his planet should he surrender, with the Saiyan Prince secretly using the threat to goad Cabba into reaching his full fighting potential. While Vegeta is able to defeat Cabba with a single blow as Super Saiyan Blue, Cabba marvels at the older Saiyan's power and vows to surpass him someday. He earns Vegeta's tacit blessing, who is interested in the fact that the Saiyan race is prosperous in an alternate universe.


Despite being visibly younger and smaller than Vegeta, Cabba is able to fight against the Saiyan Prince on equal footing while both warriors are in their base form, impressing Vegeta. As a divergent line of Saiyans, Cabba notes that the Saiyans from his universe evolved beyond having a tail, surprised that the Saiyans of Universe 7 had still been born with theirs.


  • Vegeta: Cabba looks up to Vegeta as his mentor and master and respects him greatly.
  • Frost - Cabba was initially close to the frost demon, as they worked together to bring down ruthless space pirates. When learning that Forst secretly started those wars, Cabba was shocked and disgusted by his sneaky nature, straining their relationship ever since.
  • Hit - Cabba respected the assassin and his abilities, believing him as a trump card for Team Universe 6.
  • Renso - Cabba respected Renso as a leader and even considered adding him as a member to Team Universe 6 for the Tournament of Power.
  • Caulifla - Cabba openly stated to Renso that he always finds her hard to deal with. Despite this, their relationship appeared to have improved when Cabba displays his Super Saiyan form and offered to teach it to her. Later in the Tournament of Power, Cabba tells Caulifla to leave Monna to him (genuinely believing in her and Kale to save Universe 6 from erasure).
  • Kale - Like almost everyone else, Cabba thought little of her until she displays a bizarre Super Saiyan form of her own, which left him in awe to the point of changing his opinion about her. Like Caulifla, Cabba puts his faith in her to save their Universe.

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