She's prickly, sure, but Cactus' spikes belie a spongy heart filled with love and goodwill. She just wants to hug and be hugged. Most folks can't hang with that, but Cactus doesn't mind. She's been seeing an armadillo for a while and it really seems to be working out.
~ Cactus's Almanac Entry.

The Cactus is one of the main protagonists of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. She is an anthropomorphic cactus who takes parts in fighting zombies.


Cactus is a plant-based on the real-life plant with the same name. She has a flower on top of her head, her eyes have red pupils, and a mouth to shoot spikes.


Plants vs. Zombies

Cactus can be obtained in level 4-3. In this game, she costs 125 suns, and she can shoot spikes at zombies. Additionally, she can stretch up and pop the balloons from the balloon zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Cactus returned in the sequel of the first game as a Premium plant, which the players have to pay $4.99 to unlock. She can shoot strikethrough spikes and hides underground when a zombie is close to her. When being underground, she acts as a spikeweed to deal with damages to zombies above it. When Plant Food is applied, she turns blue and can deal more damages to zombies. She is in Spear-mint's family, a family of piercing plants.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare series

Cactus appeared as one of the playable characters on the Plants' side. Her primary weapon is Spike Shot.

In Battle for Neighborville, she is in Defend class. Her new primary weapons are Spike Strike and Needle Shot.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

It's true. I'm prickly on the outside but spongy on the inside.
~ Cactus's card description.

Cactus appeared in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes as a Cactus Flower Plant card of Guardian class. She costs 2, and her rarity is Premium - Uncommon. Her strengths and healths are 1/5, with her trait is Bullseye (when she hurts the Zombie Hero, the block meter does not fill up).


Camo Cactus

As a master of disguise, she's had to learn how to blend in to a suburban atmosphere. It was far more challenging than she had originally thought.
~ Camo Cactus's dscription.

Camo Cactus is a Super Rare camouflage-themed Cactus variant whose Camo Shot has higher precision and more damaging than a standard Cactus.

Fire Cactus

The Fire Cactus trades in her ability to blend into the environment for a devastating fiery weapon. She can also roast over 150 marshmallows simultaneously.
~ Fire Cactus's description.

Fire Cactus is a Rare Cactus variant who ignites enemies with her precisive Fire Needles.

Ice Cactus

The Ice Cactus was thought to be a myth. Most Plants didn't believe it could snow in the desert, let alone be an environment that Plants could emerge from. Well, they were in for an ice surprise.
~ Ice Cactus's description.

Ice Cactus is a Super Rare (Rare in Garden Warfare 2) who utilizes her chilling and freezing Ice Needles to fire at enemies.

Power Cactus

The Power Cactus specializes in blasting opponents with electricity from extremely long ranges.
~ Power Cactus's description.

Power Cactus is a Rare Cactus variant performs electric damages to her enemies with her Electric Needles.

Future Cactus

The Cactus of the future that Crazy Dave brought back to help him win the war against the Zombies.
~ Future cactus's description.

Future Cactus is a Super Rare time traveler that charges up her Future Shots to damage enemies.

Bandit Cactus

After robbing the Zomboss Express the bandit Cactus retired investing her loot in a fix-er-up resort hotel where she spends the majority of time greeting guests and apologizing about the shoddy accommodations.
~ Bandit Cactus's description.

Bandit Cactus is a Rare outlaw Cactus variant who utilizes her rapid-fire Gatling Needles.

Citrus Cactus

Slinging orange wedges with a 3-round burst, this prickly fellow vanquishes her foes with precision shooting and Vitamin C.
~ Citrus Cactus's description.

Citrus Cactus is a promotional orange fruit-themed Cactus variant whose Orange Bursts perform splash damages and fire three shots from a single button press.

Jade Cactus

Formed from ancient, mystical rock, the Jade Cactus slumbers deep beneath the desert. Legends speak of a stoic, green guardian who would return to us, in a time of great need. Can she save us from Dr. Zomboss' schemes? Where exactly did she get that cool armor? Did Crazy Dave make the whole thing up? Only time will tell.
~ Jade Cactus's description.

Jade Cactus is a Super Rare (Rare in Garden Warfare 2) Cactus variant that uses her Shatter Shots, highly armored yet slower than other Cactus variants.

Zen Cactus

Most people don't know this, but all five of Zen Cactus' mystic orbs are named after types of tacos. Which ones, you ask? Well that's a closely guarded secret...
~ Zen Cactus's description.

Zen Cactus is a mystical Super Rare Cactus variant in Garden Warfare 2 whose Mystic Orbs increases damages each time she fires.

Petrified Cactus

Not only does Petrified Cactus' strong exterior protect her in battle, it also doubles as a wildlife sanctuary for all manner of woodland creatures.
~ Petrified Cactus's description.

Petrified Cactus is a Rare Cactus variant in Garden Warfare 2 who is as durable as a Jade Cactus and fires Egg Blasts that detonate if the controller presses the fire button one more time.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spike Shot: Cactus's signature move, as she fires spikes to damage enemies and pop balloons. In the second game incarnation, her spikes pierce three targets at once.
    • Needle Shot: Cactus's secondary weapon, as she shoots needles at zombies in a further distance.
  • Elasticity: Cactus stretches herself up to pop balloons from the balloon zombies.
  • Hiding: Cactus burrows and acts like a spikeweed by damaging zombies above her with her spikes.
  • Petal Propeller: Cactus can spin her petals above her head to fly.

Potato Mine

  • Potato Mine: This Potato Mine explodes when a zombie steps on it.
    • Potato Nugget Mine: This Potato is weaker, but Cactus can stack more of it.
    • Pizzazzling Potato Mine: This Potato has no differences from a standard Potato Mine except for its appearance.

Tall-nut Battlement

  • Tall-nut Battlement: This is a barrier of Tall-nuts who serve as barriers for Cactus.
    • Iron Maiden: This encased Tall-nut provides extra protection than a standard Tall-nut.
    • Bling Maiden: It has no difference from the Iron Maiden except for its golden armor.

Garlic Drone

Garlic Drone

The Garlic Drone is one of Cactus's ability. It is an anthropomorphic drone that shoots needles at zombies.

There are three variants of Garlic Drone:

  • Artichoke Drone: This drone has higher health than a garlic drone.
  • Red Artichoke Drone: This drone flies and fires faster than a garlic drone.
  • Dark Garlic Drone: This dark drone fires slow but damaging shots at enemies.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: The Garlic Drone flies in different altitudes as the player pleases.
  • Corn Strike: It drops multiple explosive corns at a radius to deal damages to zombies.

Other appearances

Plants vs. Zombies comics

Cactus appeared as one of the plants who take parts in fighting zombies with Nate Timeley and Patrice Blazing



  • Cactus is also one of the few characters in the franchise to dab, the other being Nate Timeley and the Yeti King.
    • As seen during one of Cactus's Battle for Neighborville gestures, she briefly dabs.


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