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Foward, Syn. Only way we can go. My father always said, "We take what is given." Felt like all the galaxy ever handed me was darkness and grief. Like Krayt, I took what was given--and gave into my anger...wrapped the anger around me so close, it blocked out the light. Suffocated myself in death and darkness until I forgot how to live. Tried to cut myself off from the Force so I didn't have to feel anything. Tried to make my heart a void... But nothing's a void--not even in space. I've seen the way all things connect. Energy flows through everything in the galaxy. Creating life. Healing it. As long as the galaxy exists, life will find a way. There is no death--There is only the Force.
~ Cade Skywalker from Legacy - War #6
I get it now, everything that's happened all my life… You shaped me to do this. Doesn't matter if I'm a Jedi or not.. Or if I'm a Skywalker or not. Everyone has a destiny. This one is mine. I can feel it in my gut. So, me and Krayt… One final round. Never expected to get old. Never figured to die in bed. I got a job to do -- Even if it's my last.
~ Cade to a vison of himself and Krayt.

Cade Skywalker is the main protagonist in Star Wars: Legacy, being a bounty hunter and pirate who is a strong connection to the Force. He is the son of Kol Skywalker and Morrigan Corde, and descendant of the legendary Jedi's Luke and Anakin Skywalker.


As a young student at the Jedi Praxeum, Cade Skywalker showed great potential. His life was torn apart when Darth Krayt assumed control of the Empire and saw to the elimination of the Jedi. Cade's father was killed in the resulting battle, and Cade himself withdrew from the Force and adopted a new life as a smuggler. Cade was constantly haunted by visions of Luke Skywalker and the knowledge of the Jedi he should be. Luckily, he had a steady supply of death sticks to block these visions out.

Cade found that he could only hide for so long, though. Darth Krayt knows of Cade's true power – the ability to use the Force to bring the dead and dying back to life. Krayt desperately needs Cade's power, and he's none too shy about seeking it out. The two have already traded blades once, and it seems a foregone conclusion that destiny will pit them against each other again.

After Cade, his friends, and mentors had discovered the truth behind the third Jedi purge they decided to join the remaining New Jedi Order And the Galaxtic Triumlarive to take the fight to the One Sith. While the rebels were distracting the One Sith, Cade came face to face with his archenemy, Darth Kryat. Although evenly matched at the early battle, Kryat turned the tide in the mid battle by using Cade’s healing ability against him. Kryat tried to corrupt Cade with Force vision, but this backfired. On the late battle Cade resisted the temptation and slew Kryat once and for all. To prevent possible revival Cade took Kryat’s body to a sun where they can burn together, but Luke Skywalker’s Force Ghost persuades Cade not to burn but choose his own path. Cade accept this and escape the ship and goes into deep meditation before being picked up by his friends. At first they thought he was dead until Cade woke up kissing Blue and telling his crew to move forward in life while reciting the Jedi Code.

Cade and his crew were last seen celebrating a newly bought ship pieces by one of Ania Solo(one of his distant cousin)’s friend. It’s unknown if Cade and his crew recused Ania Solo and her gang from blaster fire, but he may have most likely recused them.


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