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Cadin (Japanese: セミまる Semimaru) is a Rank E Wind-attribute Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.


Cadin is a cicada Yo-kai with a light yellow body, with a long "beak" and four arms. He wears a green kimono tied with a purple belt and a pair of geta. A katana hangs from his belt.


He has a tendency to sleep. After every time he wakes up, he has a timer of one week until he falls asleep again.


Nate and his friends go treasure hunting using a dowsing app, though with no success. After Bear walks off after their latest failure, Whisper suspects that a yokai is involved, so Nate scans a hole he and his friends dug. There, he finds a sleeping Cadin. Whisper (moronically clueless) thinks that Cadin is an ordinary cicada, but Nate is not convinced, pointing out specific parts of Cadin that didn't fit with cicadas. Whisper is proven wrong when he accidentally wakes Cadin up when Nate kept up his factual accessments, sword flailing in frustration. Cadin reveals that he originally was an ordinary cicada when he was alive. He died of natural causes after living out his week-long lifespan and became a yokai. Afterwards, he buried himself and spent a lovely time underground until he was unknowingly excavated by Nate and friends.

Suddenly, Whisper reveals that Cadin has only one week to live since he was unearthed before he could be reincarnated. Nate tries to extend his lifespan, but in the end, Cadin decides to enjoy the little time he has left. At the end of the week, they return to the hole where they met to say their goodbyes. Cadin gives Nate his Yo-kai Medal to say thank you for the time given to him, then collapses. Nate and Whisper are worried at first, but it is revealed that Cadin merely fell asleep. Whisper then realizes that he made a mistake when he said that Cadin will die and it turned out that he only falls into a deep sleep when the week is up, and receives a solid smack from Nate's paper fan for his mistake.

In episode 81, he wants to attend a Nextharmeowny concert with Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan. However, he is plagued by sleeping problems.


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