The Cadre K are a team of super powered aliens in the Marvel universe.


The Mutant Skrulls (K-class "Deviant Skrulls") who formed Cadre K, were originally part of a group of dozens of mutant Skrulls taken to Earth by a faction of Skrulls allied to the ancient mutant Egyptian conqueror and genetic Darwinist, Apocalypse. They were forced to assist Apocalypse in his plans to use 12 mutants of prophecy to ascend and become a Celestial being. During a battle on the Skrull base, between the X-Men and Skrulls, the Mutant Skrulls turned on the Skrull soldiers and aided the X-Men. Afterwards, Professor X decided to go with several of them into space where he trained them and named them "Cadre K".

Cadre K led by Professor X, fought against the oppression of mutant Skrulls in the Skrull Empire. They saved them from culling and liberated mutant Skrulls, causing headaches for the Skrull faction whose purpose was to keep the Skrulls "pure" (The Purifiers). When Earth was in danger of being turned into an intergalactic prison by the Ruul aliens (in reality the Kree - enemies of the Skrulls), Professor X and Cadre K returned to Earth to help. In the aftermath, Professor X stayed on Earth and Cadre K returned to space to continue the struggle.

It was later discovered that Cadre K was living in a rural farm in South Dakota, as they had nowhere else to go where they wouldn't be hunted. While on Earth, the mutant Skrulls helped Captain America and Cyclops defeat Doctor Doom and his Doombots.


(being Deviant Skrulls they all have the ability to shapeshift)

  • Fiz: Able to increase or reduce his size at will.
  • Z'Cann: She is both a telepath and telekinetic.
  • Spunje: Able to absorb energy and project energy blasts.
  • Nero: His power is plasticity and therefore can elongate his torso, neck, or limbs to great distances.
  • R'tee: Extends super-hard bony spikes from his body and can also fire those spikes, has enhanced strength, and accelerated healing.
  • Goroth
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