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This is the Zeppeli family spirit, handed down from the past to ensure the family's future! It's the human spirit! JOJO, THIS IS THE LAST OF MY HAMOOON! TAKE IT FROM MEEEEEE!
~ Caesar's last words turning death into a fighting chance for Joseph to live.

Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli is a close friend of Joseph Joestar and the deuteragonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. He is a hot-blooded but focused young man, dedicated to defeating the Pillar Men.

He is voiced by Takuya Satou in the Japanese version, and Bryce Papenbrook, who also voices Rin Okumura, Masaomi Kida, Makoto Naegi, Nagito Komaeda, Meliodas, Kirito, Eren Yeager, Zidane Tribal, Butters Stotch, Shirou Emiya, Guan Ping, Rokuro Enmado, Lance, and Cat Noir in the English version.



In Caesar's childhood, his father had seemingly abandoned his beloved siblings, making him a bitter and aggressively violent delinquent. Upon reaching adulthood, he has committed every crime besides murder. One day, he found his father and followed him in an attempt to murder him. He was almost killed by the pillar men but was rescued by his father from the danger at cost of his life. Because of this, he changed his hatred into the great pride in his surname.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Battle Tendency

Caesar's first appearance was in a restaurant where Joseph was eating. His conversation with the woman disgusted Joseph who attempts to humiliate him. Caesar however was able to flawlessly deflect the attack before introducing himself. At first, he was extremely disappointed in Joseph's personality and general existence to the point that he fights him in public, ending with Joseph in a bubble and Caesar swallowing a pigeon. He returned to the hotel along with Joseph and Speedwagon to wait for their driver to arrive.

The 3 eventually arrive to the research facility, finding all the employees slaughtered. Upon seeing the driver killed, Caesar attempts to attack Wamuu, only to have his attacks deflected. The pillar men laughed at his motivation before Joseph stepped in. After the fight, Caesar decided to show Joseph a technique to properly use hamon. The 2 then left to Air Suplena Island to meet with a hamon coach.

In the island, Caesar attempts to rent a gondola, only to find that the person guarding it is the coach, Lisa Lisa. The 2 followed her up a tower with oil in the base before being pushed in. The tower itself is a test known as the "Hell Climb Pillar" which hamon users must climb with hamon. Caesar was able to climb well enough that Joseph was able to catch on and climb as well. The final test was to climb over a strong burst of oil which Caesar was able to overcome with great difficulty. Despite their previous rivalry, he still decides to help Joseph despite being exhausted. The two were introduced to Lisa Lisa's colleagues and their training began.

While Joseph was fighting Esidisi, Caesar was finishing up his final test against Messina. The 2 observed Joseph's fight before retreating. Caesar joins the group in their journey to Swiss to retrieve the Red Stone of Aja. At the end of Joseph's first battle against Kars, he was able to save Joseph using a chain made of icicles. Some time after that, he expresses urgency regarding killing the pillar men who were in a hideout, something Joseph disagrees with. In the ensuing argument, he punches Joseph for disrespecting their heritage before leaving to fight the pillar men himself.

He arrives at the pillar men hideout eventually and was able to figure out how Wamuu was able to render himself invisible and stay alive in the sun. He fought the pillar man bravely using a variety of techniques to injure his opponent up until he created reflective bubbles to direct sunlight into the hideout and severely injure Wamuu. Caesar however commits a grave mistake of rushing to attack his opponent, resulting in him being hit by a Divine Sandstorm. Despite being in pain, he still manages to grab Wamuu's antidote ring. Caesar places the ring and his headband in a bubble made of Hamon and blood before giving one last speech. He died after being crushed by a rock from the ceiling.


Caesar is initially described as an arrogant Ripple User seeing down on the Ripple ability of Joseph Joestar and without occasion to ridicule and betray him in general. However, he reveals himself to become an honorable individual, making pride in traditional pride of his family to fight evil as well as his hope to avenge death of his friend Mark at the hands of the Pillar Men. Even Joseph reveals himself to become an honorable man due to their relationship that considerable improves. Caesar has a lot of respect to his elders and superiors in general, notably Lisa Lisa as his master.

In Caesar's hot-blooded personality, he is too fast to jump to a fight quickly, even he remembers it is detrimental. While Caesar is taking his great pride in his family, when Joseph told him not to care about that, Caesar hits him without even thinking. So his flaw is fatal when he made the mistake of going to the lair of Wamuu alone and tried to finish him off. Having a great determination, Caesar has kept beating despite being wounded by himself and made a loud sound of the human spirit before his death. Most of the time, Caesar is a serious person who challenges the evil Pillar Men and is exasperated by Joseph's different antics.

As Caesar can invoke deeply romantic gestures, he is a Casanova and has an ability to flirt with beautiful women.


Caesar has an appearance with a muscular build and unkempt hair, whose distinctive inclusions are two-colored spots on his cheeks. His accessories are his long thin headband with a row of tessellated triangular patterns and two feathers on each side of the head.




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