Caine Wise is the secondary protagonist of the 2015 Sci-Fi film "Jupiter Ascending". He is portrayed by Chaning Tatum who also played Duke and Greg Jenko.

In "Jupiter Ascending"

In the movie, Cain is a a genetically engineered ex-military hunter and has a a defective genetic splice, half-albino and with both wolf and human DNA. he has powerful sense of smell and can find gene in the universe.

When he is locates Jupiter he and her are going out to fight Balem Abrasax and to kill him and stop him from taking the Earth for himself.


His past in the movie is unknown yet but he is got a "guider" who helps him in everything named Stinger, the tertiary protagonist of the film.


His personality is very tough but he is fall in love in Jupiter and he helps her to stop Balem.

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