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Cairne Bloodhoof
Cairne Bloodhoof was the ruler of Thunder Bluff and the taurens in the Warcraft series.


Cairne was an old chieftain of the Bloodhoof tribe that resided in the plains of the Barrens. He planned to move his people to Mulgore because of the centaur attacks. One day, the old tauren witnessed a young orc named Thrall fighting centaurs. Impressed with his honor and courage, Cairne met Thrall who was the war chief of a new Horde. Thrall offered to help Cairne relocate his tribe if he helps him contact the Oracle. Cairne agreed and left to Mulgore with his people and Thrall. Along the way, they fought the centaur mauraders and eventually reached Mulgore. Cairne bid Thrall farewell and guided him north.

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