Doom awaits all who meet me, for I am Calamity.
~ Calamity.
What is this? The curse... The miasma... It is vanishing. This is...beyond belief. It seems the anti-curse items were only effective when used all together at the same time. O Queen of the Infernal Realm and Lady Oracle of the Celestial Realm... I owe a great debt to you. I cannot express the gratitude I feel in mere words. Now no one I treasure shall ever be withered by that miasma that plagued me, and my beloved ministers shall never be grief-stricken over my condition ever again. And I will no longer have to avoid contact with others. I am! I truly thank you, one and all. For the sake of the Celestial and Demon realms, Please allow me to pay you back for however long it takes for the debt I incurred today and in days past.
~ Calamity after discovering that the Miasmic Curse is gone.

Calamity is the major heroine in the video game, Valkyrie Crusade and is also one of the major protagonists in the game. She also serves as an ally of the Valkyries.

She was also one of the Demon Lords who ruled the Demon Realm and was a childhood friend of Demise until she was accursed with the Miasmic Curse, which resulted her to become dangerous to anyone who come into contact with the curse. This prompted her into sending her Demon Ministers to find the cure in order to dispel the Miasmic Curse from her body, though she sometimes show up and helped the Valkyries in several occasions.

After being ridded of the Miasmic Curse, Calamity and her forces were currently fighting against the other Demon Lords to liberate the Demon Realm, though when she learnt about Taboo's actions in the Demon Realm, she decided to unite with all the other Demon Lords to defeat Taboo.




Despite being the Demon Lord, Calamity is actually a kind-hearted, caring, gentle and cheerful person who cared for friends and allies, especially the Demon Ministers, whom she led. However, she can be sometimes very harsh and strict when the ministers caused a lot of troubles as she does not hestiate to punish them, though she sometimes gave them valuable lessons at the same time.

After her body was cursed with the Miasmic Curse, Calamity became very pessimistic as she isolated herself from anyone else in order to prevent them from suffering her curse. She then send her ministers to find the cure to dispel the curse from her body.

After being cured of the Miasmic Curse, Calamity's old personality resurfaced once more and she became more cheerful and determined at the same time.

Despite her good-hearted and gentle personality, Calamity was not above losing her temper as she became angry when her friends and the Demon Ministers were threatened by her enemies as she lashed out towards them. However, she also have her limit on her actions as she refrained herself from doing so.

She was also a pacifist as she believes that the war in the Demon Realm will end if she joined forces with the other Demon Lords with understanding and friendship in order to battle against Taboo.


Calamity was born in the Demon Realm and was also a childhood friend of Demise as they 

Powers & Abilities


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  • Lord Calamity



  • Her name was based on the misfortune and disaster as it was hinted that she was once accursed with the Miasmic Curse before she was cured.
  • So far, Calamity was the most powerful of all the Demon Lords.
  • Calamity was the only Demon Lord to be heroic and benevolent compared to the other Demon Lords who were hostile.
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