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Calamity Coyote is a major character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He will later return as one of the major characters in Tiny Toons Looniversity in some capacity.

He is voiced by Frank Welker.


Calamity is an anthropomorphic gray coyote who attends Acme Looniversity and also lives in Acme Acres. His mission is to catch Little Beeper. It is revealed in the Tiny Toon Adventures segment, Piece of Mind, that Calamity had been chasing him at a younger age.

Like his professor, Wile E. Coyote, Calamity has a penchant for inventing traps and other devices, however, Calamity seems to be smarter than him, even maneuvering himself out of his skyscraper plummet by switching Wile E. in place.

Heroic Acts

  • He tried to stop Wex Wuthor (Montana Max) with other superheroes as Keen Arrow (parody of Green Arrow) in Just-Us League of Supertoons in the "New Class Day" episode segment "Just-Us League of Supertoons"
  • He rescues Lil Sneezer and Arnold from the pool in the "Pledge Week" episode segment "Lifeguard Lunacy"


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