Antonio Calculon, Sr, better known as Calculon (1960-3012) and Calculon 2.0 (circa 3013 [Exact date unknown]), was a recurring character on Futurama.


He was a robot actor and celebrity, created sometime before the year 1960 - for a while, he was known as David Duchovney, and then later on as a car manufacturing robot known as Calculon 1.0, who was used on the military mission to manufacture the most evil car ever from evil automobile parts - otherwise known as Project Satan. Upon its final construction, Project Satan attacked Calculon, turning him into a Were-car.

In the centuries since becoming a were-car, Calculon changed his identity and upgraded his appearance to avoid suspicion. Other names he has been known by include: Acting Unit 0.8, Thespo-mat, and David Duchovny.  He was also given his "Un-holy acting talent" from the Robot Devil. It is unknown what he exchanged for this talent, if he exchanged anything at all for it.

Calculon was brutally clamped during the episode "The Silence of the Clamps" by Clamps, due to his inability to pay the Donbot back a loan. He died in a reenactment of Romeo and Juliet in a battle against experienced actor, Langdon Cobb, when he commits suicide by drinking a bottle of food coloring and water in front of a live audience, (food coloring is the most poisonous substance known to robots).

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