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Caldina is a Character of Magic Knights Rayearth.


Hit the Magic Knight with an empty temple (in the anime, fight on the way from the sea of the temple to the sky of the temple), dancers and dazzling nurses that speak in Kansai dialect (Lal). Pale pink hair of the beautiful woman in brown skin. It was hired in gold to Zagato. It is loved very, thinking the Ascot as brother. in place of the failed Ascot, come attacked the Magic Knight. opponent it is possible to manipulate at will at that dance, to the original anime both, and tried to make him out to each other the magic knights, withdrawal to know the strong will of the Fuu Hououji. In the second part Rafaga and to love. In Chizeta born, had a trip while the dancer (Kansai dialect of Chizeta). Therefore, things and starter-Tatra sisters, and I knew of her our summons to Jin. Do not listen to persuasion of Ascot who died Kabai the light we secretly Naru large hole in the Sega Saturn version, in order to avenge the Ascot of enemy killed in their own hands, also hit the light we become desperate, defeated in battle, in the light verge to be persuaded it is erased every soul to Innova in.


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