You spineless worm! You would leave the Kitty Pryde alone to face this creature -- even though she saved your miserable life moments ago! You disgust Caliban!
~ Caliban to Sabretooth.

Caliban is a mutant in the X-Men series. Caliban was named by his father after the grotesque creature in Shakespeare's play, The Tempest. A mutant with the mental power to sense and detect other mutants nearby, Caliban helped Callisto assemble the underground society of mutant outcasts called the Morlocks. Before Caliban joined X-Force, Apocalypse vastly increased his size and strength and gave him the role of Death, one of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen. Caliban can psionically intensifies other's fears and can create a psychoactive virus that attacks the mind.


Caliban was once a weak, frightened mutant who lived underground. But once he began sensing other mutants around him, he surfaced and found other mutants who took him in.


Caliban can sense other mutants, detecting them within a 25-mile radius. Likewise, he gains superhuman strength from Apocalypse's influence. The transformation also gains him the ability to feed on fear, then unleash it upon others as a psychological virus.



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