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Hmph! The impertinent one is you, Knave! Brace yourself, FOR I SHALL TRAIN YOU UNTIL YOU ARE WORTHY!
~ Caliburn choosing Sonic.

Caliburn the Sword is a talking weapon used by Sonic the Hedgehog and the deuteragonist of Sonic and the Black Knight. He acts like a proper and polite gentleman, which initially clashes with Sonic's easy-going attitude. He is also shown to be a bit of a strict teacher, usually calling Sonic a fool when he does something that Caliburn disapproves of or disagrees with.

He was voiced by Hiroaki Hirata in the Japanese version, and by Casey Robertson in the English version, the latter who also voices Reala in the English dub version of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams-present.


He is a sentient talking weapon and the legendary sacred sword who protects England in the world of Camelot from danger. He is the one who decides who is to be the monarch of the lands ruled by King Arthur.

Following King Arthur's corruption into the tyrannical Black Knight, Caliburn became Sonic the Hedgehog's partner to stop to Arthur's reign of terror. Though their relationship came off to a rocky start, Caliburn provided Sonic with the guidance and knowledge needed to be a true knight, and together they stopped Arthur and afterwards Merlina the Wizard.


Caliburn acts like a proper and polite gentleman and has proud manners, which initially clashes with Sonic's easy-going attitude. He is also shown to slightly have the personality of a strict teacher, usually calling Sonic a fool when he does something that Caliburn disapproves of or disagrees with and is soft on compliments.


  • You are the chosen one!? You are but a squire!
  • We must ask the scabbard's former owner how to hinder its power.
  • You shall see for yourself. Onward, my young Knave.
  • Very well then, I shall call you Knave the Hedgehog.
  • Hmmm... I suppose something must be done about this.
  • My edge has grown blunt. Being in that rock for so long has taken its toll.
  • He is no knight. At least not yet.
  • Fool! A knight never flees his foe!
  • He is Knave the Hedgehog, and he accepts your challenge!
  • Such sympathy is an insult to a knight.
  • That is Arondight one of the sacred swords of this land. Take good care of it.
  • Please try not to make a mess!
  • Never underestimate your opponent. Especially when it's a dragon.
  • A worthy adversary.
  • Well done.
  • Hm. Actually... Sonic the Hedgehog... You have mastered the code of chivalry. From this day forth, you shall be Sir Sonic, Knight of the Wind.
  • Onward Sonic, Knight of the Wind!
  • (Defending Sonic from one of Merlina's attacks) You fool! A knight must always be on his guard.
  • Have you forgotten who I am? I am the Sacred Sword, Caliburn. I am the one who decides who's worthy of the crown.



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