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Dr. Calixto Narváez recurring character in the universe of the SCP Foundation. He is a scientist from the Foundation, who has been key in studying several enemies of the Foundation/humanity, such as Sarkicism and Hanged King.


Calixto Narváez was born in a Spanish-speaking nation, and at some point studied to the title of Doctor and became a researcher at SCP Foundation.

The Foundation's travel to Alagadda

Dr. Calixto Narváez was key in studying SCP-2264-B (The interdimensional Kingdom of Alagadda). As lucid dreamer and an experienced user of hallucinogenics, he managed to discover a lot about the Kingdom and it's workings. He discovered that all spoken language was translated, meaning all beings in Alagadda could communicate with each other, while written language was more complex. He also met the Wandsman of Kul-Manas, who warned about the SCP-2264-4 and encouraged the Doctor to leave before he'd return.


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