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Not to be confused with her ghost self Alternate Calliope

Calliope is a heroine in Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck. Calliope is a cherub who is obbsesed with trolls. She also shares a body with Her brother


Calliope takes the appearance of Caliborn as they both share a body. She has the head of a green skull and has light green cheeks. When she is cosplaying she has the appearance of a girl with white hair ,skin,and wiggly horns.

Calliopes full cosplay


Calliope is a kind,gentle,and soft speaking cherub. She is interested in trolls and spends most of her time cosplaying as them. Calliope cosplaying as a troll she calls Cali OPEEE. It starts of small but gets more decoration.

Half of Calliopes cosplay

Act 6 Act 2

In Act 6 Act 2 is when Calliope makes her first apperance. Although she is unseen she appeares to be contacting Jane and Roxy under the name UrianUmbra. She tells them about Caliborn and how she has to go through him every day.

Act 6 Act 3

In Act 6 Act 3 she is finally revealed. She is seen in her room wearing her hand-made troll horns. She is attached to a chain in her leg and her bed has a lid on it which you close when going bed. She found notes by Caliborn saying that she has no friends and that she's ugly. She wandered outside for a while before going to bed. While in bed it is revealed that she is a prostpit dreamer as she wakes up on prostpit. On prospit she is stabbed to death by Jack Noir who was hired by Caliborn to kill her. This causes her to become her ghost self.

Act 6 Act 5 Act 1

In Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 she does not appeare however it shows a fan fiction of the trolls that was created by her about a fight against the trolls dancestors and ansectors. During the fan fiction Calliope was dressed as her fan made troll self Cali OPEEE It also shows a another fan fiction created by her that shows Cali OPEEE telling John Egbert to wake up. Calliopes fan fictions are immedientlly ruined by Caliborn.


  • Calliope is the sister of Caliborn
  • Calliope is the muse of space because Caliborn is the Lord of time