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Callum is the stepson of King Harrow of Katolis, and one of the heroes of the 2018 animated Netflix series The Dragon Prince.

He was voiced by Jack DeSena, who also voices as Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Callum is the son of queen Sarai, and an unknown father, and the older half-brother of Ezran. After Sarai married king Harrow, he was the crowned prince and adopted into the royal family. It should be noted, however, that his younger brother Ezran comes before him in the line of succession as the Crown Prince of Katolis.

Book 1: Moon

Echoes of Thunder

Book 2: Sky

Book 3: Sun

Sol Regem:  Rayla tells Callum about Sol Regem's misanthropy and how he was blinded during his reign not long before the wars between Xadia and Humanity began. They attempt to sneak past the blind Sun Dragon, but he notices them after Zym unintentionally gives away their location. Rayla then attempts to negotiate with the Sun Dragon, but Regem is unreasonable, especially after finding out that Callum had used Dark Magic at one time. To be expanded


he expresses his hatred for Avizandum, he comments on anger but isn't sure how to feel as he could be happy that his mother's death 

was avenged or feel sorry for Zym, who lost his father, so Rayla reassures him that they break the cycle of hatred between their two nations.

Powers and abilities


  • Spellcasting - Callum has a talent for spellcasting unusual for humans. Despite having a limited vocabulary of ancient draconic, and only knowing runes for wind and lightning, he can perform both admirably.
    • Sky Arcanum - Callum is the first and only known human to forge a connection to an Arcanum. This makes him able to cast spells based on the Sky Primal Source (Air and lightning) without Primal Stones or other methods.


  • Photographic memory - Callum has a photographic memory and is able to recall an image after only a brief glance.
  • Artistic skill - Callum is an excellent artist, being able to perfectly draw runes, and make an accurate drawing of a location (thanks to his photographic memory) or creature.


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