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But how to describe it? What could he say that the next Overseer would see and understand? He had been wrong - it had never been the council, or the anomalies themselves. He had pulled back the cover on the heart of darkness and found only a mirror, a reflection of desire and meaning cast on himself. What was it that Purpose had said?

To know me is to know the Foundation. He had looked upon the Foundation’s true face and seen his own, reaching for a ringing phone and a voice that did not compromise or negotiate. That is what it would be.
To know SCP-001 is to know the nature of the Foundation.'
~ Calvin Lucien's inner monologue in the Epilogue.

Calvin Lucien is a prominent character appearing in the SCP Foundation mythos. He was originally a member of the Chaos Insurgency who alongside other Insurgents went on a mission to kill the corrupt O5 Council and bring down the Foundation as it was causing the manifestation of more anomalies and further damaging reality; however, he was later forced to join his enemies and betray his loyal comrades and friends.

He is the main protagonist of the story of SCP-001 (djkaktus's Proposal III)/The Way It Ends, the final chapter in the "Ouroboros Cycle".



Not much is known about the Calvin Lucien's early life apart that when he was younger he and his mother were victims of domestic abuse at the hands of his drunken father, forcing both of them to escape to the countryside where his aunt lived. There he and his mother used to walk through the fields and the woods, but one day came across SCP-2316, a lake filled with corpses which when observed by people take the appearance of their friends causing the observers to drown themselves in it. Calvin's mother fell victim to the anomaly, while Calvin was able to fight back but unable to save her. Calvin tried to explain to others what had happened but no one would believe him and eventually his aunt sent him to a boarding school. After finishing the school he returned to the place where he had lost his mother and there he was approached by a mysterious figure who said to Calvin his name and that he was a member of the Chaos Insurgency. Calvin thinking that the figure was either a member of the SCP Foundation, whom he blamed for his mother's death, or the Global Occult Coalition tried to shoot the figure, but the bullet passed through them and the figure explained to him that they were here to give him something. The two went to a spot under a cliff where they walked through some brambles which melted away revealing a door bearing the Foundation's insignia. The figure opened the door for Calvin to walk through and upon entering saw that the room contained cabinets filled with paper documents and covered in dust. While inside the figure guided Calvin to a door at the end of the room and explained that behind it was a tool which he could use to destroy the Foundation but had to make a hard choice. Calvin walked through the door and found himself as a kid again reliving the moment of his mother's death. He again tried to save her, but noticed that the figure was standing behind him holding a metallic cylindrical canister. Figuring that this was his only chance, Calvin decided to let SCP-2316 claim his mother and went to take the canister from the figure. After taking the canister Calvin returned to the present holding the canister and realizing that reality had changed, making Calvin an agent of the Insurgency. The figure came to him and gave him two vials containing the remaining liquid from SCP-006, the Fountain of Youth, before disappearing.

Planning his revenge on the Foundation, Calvin gave the canister to the Wanderer's Library for safekeeping, and as a Chaos Insurgent, he went on several missions alongside Anthony Wright which included fighting the GOC and rescuing both Adam Ivanov and Olivia Torres from the Foundation. During their time together Anthony once explained to Calvin the schism that led to the creation of the Insurgency was due to the Foundation being corrupted at its core and that they could destroy the organization by getting into O5-1's office in Site-01 and detonating all of the on-site nuclear devices, which gave Calvin an objective to destroy the Foundation and save the world.

Killing the O5s

On day, while stalking Skitter Marshall, one of the three leaders of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., Calvin rapidly attacked him and stole from him Agent Ukulele's journal in which he had gathered valuable information pertaining to the O5 Council. From the journal Calvin learned that the Overseers were most likely the main cause of the manifestation of the anomalies around the world and feared that an unstoppable anomalous catastrophe would be coming if they weren't stopped. He then met with the Delta Command in a Somali warehouse where he explained to them his findings and that they needed to destroy the Council. The Command responded that the Insurgency didn't actually seek to destroy the Foundation but simply prevent it from growing its influence and furthermore it would be impossible to kill them as they had made a deal with the embodiment of Death, also known as O5-13. However, Calvin reminded them of the Summa Modus Operandi written by the Engineer and revealed to them that he had also under his possession two vials of the water of the Fountain of Youth which he planned to use to break the deal between the Council and Death. In light of this, the Delta Command became convinced and allowed Calvin to go on his mission to kill the O5 Council. Calvin then assembled his team which was comprised of Adam, Olivia and Anthony and together set sail through ocean during a storm to go to a secluded ancient antimemetic tower containing the body of Felix Carter which acted as the host for Death. Using mnestics they were able find the tower, which may have been built by the now extinct Oblitus people, and after landing near it Calvin entered alone in order to confront O5-13. Calvin found the near dead body of Carter inside a sealed coffin and Death through him explained that the reason why the Council made the deal with it was because they had completely dried out the Fountain of Youth. Calvin then proceeded to revive Carter by pouring the Fountain's liquid into his mouth before properly killing him and after throwing his body into the pit below the tower he was confronted by Death in its feminine form who explained to Calvin that its contract with the Overseers had been broken and warned him that some immortal force was behind them. Following that, Calvin and his crew were picked up by Delta Command member Desdemona who hoped that the termination of the subsequent Overseers would be as easy as that of O5-13, while Calvin thought that they had now lost the element of surprise.

They then began formulating a plan which involved going after the Foundation's finances in order to oust the Overseers, but they had to terminate O5-12/The Accountant who was able to predict the future thanks to his mathematical genius and would be hard to kill him. The crew went to Tokyo since O5-12 was most likely there as part of the market business and Olivia, Adam and Anthony went to their respective positions of attack. Upon his arrival O5-12 was able to predict their attack and tried to retaliate but because Calvin had been making decisions based on a coin flip, it caused their actions to be random and as a result unpredictable to the Accountant. This forced him to flee via a train only to find Calvin waiting for him. After Calvin explained how he introduced the element of randomness to their actions he demanded for more information but the Accountant figuring out that he would be killed anyway refused and told Calvin that he had no idea what he was doing which caused Calvin to shoot him.

Calvin and Adam then decided to hunt O5-10/The Archivist, while Anthony gathered information, leaving Olivia to confront O5-11/The Liar who was later revealed to have previously been an Insurgent brainwashed by the Council into joining them. Upon learning the truth the Liar let Olivia go while committing suicide. As Calvin and Adam began wondering through a forest and discussing how the Foundation was making things worse, they found a Way which led them to a secret room within the Wanderer's Library which had been used by the Foundation to maintain records. They then encountered one of the Librarians who informed them that the Archivist had left the Library after breaking her deal with the Serpent and agreed to lead them to her current location. As they were about to enter the chamber which contained the source of all knowledge deep beneath the Library Calvin asked to be given back his metal canister in hopes of using its content against the Archivist. Upon entering the chamber Calvin and Adam found the Archivist reading one of the three important books and Calvin immediately tried to shoot her, but the bullet simply passed through her. The Archivist explained to them that she was able to achieve an alternate form of immortality after having read every book contained within the Library and as she proclaimed to have become the Serpent she transformed into a massive snake before attacking Calvin and Adam. As Calvin was unable to kill her with his gun Adam opened the canister which produced a mystical spear while the canister itself transformed into a mechanical rack. Calvin told Adam to load the spear on the rack and launch it like a harpoon at the Archivist who grabbed Calvin and threatened to kill him. She proceeded to crush him before letting him fall the void beneath the Library, but at that moment Adam fired the spear which struck the Archivist, killing her and resetting the world around them. Both Calvin and Adam awoke to find the Serpent in its humanoid form inspecting the spear which had impaled the human form of the Archivist through her face and pinned to the Tree of Knowledge. The Serpent and its brother met with Calvin and explained that the spear was an ancient weapon known as the "Spear of the Non-Believer" which could kill any god and then proceeded to teleport both of them back to the forest.

Continuing their mission, Calvin and Anthony went to search for O5-9/The Outsider, a former geologist whose work was discredited in order to force her into joining the Council. They found her in the burned ruins of her family home where she told them how she was forced into joining the Council and how she used to believe that the path of immortality was serving to the greater purpose but concluded that any life could be wasted. She then revealed that she had cut her wrists and was slowly dying, leaving Calvin to ask her why she did this to which she responded that it didn’t matter and in turn asked him if he was afraid of dying. Calvin responded that he wasn’t but before she died she was able to see that he was actually lying. The entire squad then went to the ruins of a castle which acted as the residence for O5-8/The Lesser who had technologically modified his body and previously acted as one of the Foundation's financiers. As they explored the ruins they found the charred remains of O5-8 and his guards, and summarized that after he lost his immortality his body was unable to handle the modifications and died a violent death. Being satisfied with his death, they decided to make a camp in the ruins and leave in the morning. During the night as Calvin, Adam and Olivia exchanged stories between each other, Anthony interrupted them by bringing books from the Lesser's library and telling them that they needed to continue gathering information about the Overseers. However, when Adam began inquiring about Anthony's age Anthony rebuked him leaving to Calvin telling Adam that Anthony was a grumpy old man who had the glory of carrying The Engineer's legacy. However, Anthony responded by revealing to them that there was no Engineer and instead was a made-up figure for Insurgents to look up to, while the Insurgency's founder had betrayed them. Anthony then admits that he had known the Insurgency's founder and had been present since its inception, and revealed that he also prolonged his life and when people became suspicious of him he would disappear long enough to throw people off his trail before coming back with a new identity. This caused Calvin to accuse Anthony as a traitor to the Engineer as just like the Overseers he prolonged his life with the use of anomalies and didn't experience real sacrifice, but Anthony responded that the Engineer was the real traitor who took advantage of the Insurgency and rejoined the Foundation. Anthony further explained that the Delta Command was designed without ambition and taking less action in order to evade destruction, and that a mascot figure like The Engineer was beneficial to keep the Insurgency together. When Calvin asked him why he never said this before Anthony told him that if he did the Insurgents would either lose faith or wouldn't believe him and after Olivia asked him why he told the team he said that since there was high chance of dying in this mission they had the right to know the truth. After Adam and Olivia went to sleep, Calvin was confronted by Anthony who knew that Calvin possessed an extra vial of the Fountain of Youth's water and when he asked him what he was going to do with it Calvin replied that he would destroy it which pleased Anthony. Anthony then revealed to Calvin that shortly after the Insurgency's defection they stole some of the Fountain's water to use it to prolong their lives but as a result their lives became shallow. When Anthony asked Calvin why the Outsider thought that he was afraid of dying Calvin responded that in fact he wasn't but he was afraid of losing his friend to which Anthony replied that there was nothing wrong with that and that the Insurgency unlike the Foundation accepted the natural order of life which included death.

Going on with the mission, the squad trekked through a forest in Southeast Asia towards a town on a river where O5-7/Green was possibly residing since a political turmoil was currently happening around the city. Although Anthony was concerned that they were going into a trap Calvin responded that they had no other choice, and after passing the Cambodian border they made their way to the town while avoiding mobs and the roving militia before splitting up, with Anthony moving to the target. Calvin entered a bar where he met with fellow Insurgent Vanderveer who told them they needed to move quickly in order to hide in the hordes of looters and explained that the reason of the turmoil was because of the Kervier Mining Corporation had poisoned the town's river which angered the residents. After leaving the bar and navigating the streets the four of them were ambushed by some looters before MTF Epsilon-11 became involved and proceeded to capture the Insurgents. The MTF brought them to Green inside the Governor's Manor where the Overseer had the MTF's captain kill Vanderveer. After introducing herself to the Insurgents and commending Calvin for his endeavours, she offered Calvin to kill her in exchange for the life of either Olivia or Adam and if he refused then she would kill the local revolutionary leader and create a civil crisis within the town. Calvin tried to offer himself instead, but Green refused and had the MTF's captain kill the leader causing a riot to ensue. As she was about to kill Adam, Anthony was able to use his sniper to shoot her hand, causing her to flee to the rooftop while the three Insurgents freed themselves. The revolutionaries came and tried to attack the Insurgents, but Adam was able to use the Spear to kill them. As they made their way to the rooftop they were joined by Anthony and together tried to go after Green, but she managed to get on her helicopter and leave. As Calvin and Anthony attempted to shoot the helicopter down, a rocket launched by the riot hit the helicopter causing it to crash to the ground. As jets arrived to carpet bomb the city, the four Insurgents managed to escape from the Manor and exit onto a side street, but the injured Overseer arrived and shot Anthony in his neck and heart before dying. As Anthony was dying Calvin tried to use the Fountain's water to save him, but Anthony refused and revealed to them his true name was Vincent Arians, former member of the original O5 Council who had been betrayed by O5-1. After his death, Olivia used her powers to turn his body into a cloud of crystal butterflies which flew to the night sky. Following this, an Insurgent agent gave them a vehicle which they used to leave the city.

The three remaining Insurgents met with fellow agent Kowalski in an inn within a small town where he explained to them that due to their actions O5-6/The American had sent American troops to pursue them and recommended to retreat. However, Calvin refused as he was determined to complete the mission to which Kowalski responded that the troops were also armed with an anomaly from Site-19 and suggested that they trick the American into doing something stupid. After spending the night on a nearby ridge they were spotted by a drone which allowed the troops to locate them. The Insurgent tried to flee via their jeep, but soon were surrounded by helicopters and Humvees before being approached by the American. After introducing himself and explaining his motives for joining the Council he offered to let them escape in exchange for the Spear which he intended to use to improve America, but Calvin refused, leaving the Overseer to let them go before sending the anomaly and his troops after them. Calvin, Olivia and Adam drove as far away as they could until they felt safe for the moment. Adam questioned Calvin why he didn't surrender the Spear to the American to which Calvin answered by explaining his origin and how he joined the Insurgency and got hold of the Spear and the rejuvenating water. After Adam understood Calvin's reason for his decision, he formed a plan how to lure the American into a trap and together drove to Adam's former village in southwest China. Arriving to the village they found only a single inhabitant, Father Bramimond, and Adam explained that the village had been abandoned ever since the villagers had been plagued by a mysterious sickness. However, they were interrupted by the American riding the anomaly which was revealed to be SCP-682, followed by his army. As the Overseer was about to use the lizard-like monster to kill Calvin, Father Bramimond intervened and transformed into mutated flesh monster. Soon the other villagers who had been transformed into monster emerged from the ground and the nearby caves, attacking the army and 682. As the trio took the chance to escape the American threatened them again, but Olivia shot him, leaving him to fall to the flesh monsters.

While driving away, the three discussed about the next Overseer, O5-5/The Blackbird, until being confronted by the Overseer himself. After introducing himself he explained to the Insurgents that he had merged with his alternate versions from the multiverse and couldn't be killed since there would be a version of him who would replace him after his death. The Blackbird admitted that he didn't know if their actions would do much difference so he decided to try and change their minds by offering each of them to travel to their ideal world. After dropping both Adam and Olivia to worlds where their greatest wishes became true, the Overseer accompanied Calvin to the lake where a young Calvin and his mother were present and offered him a chance to save her. However, as Calvin's mother went into the lake the young Calvin turned back to them, causing both Calvin and the Blackbird to also turn back and see the same mysterious figure holding the canister. This caused the Blackbird to become enraged while Calvin went to take the canister again which contained Adam Bright's glasses. As the Blackbird shouted that he just wanted to make him happy but his fanaticism ruined everything, Calvin used the glasses to see the Overseer's true form as that of a bird-like monstrosity containing the souls of the Overseer's counterparts. The Overseer planned to leave him stranded in this universe but thanks to the mysterious figure Calvin was able to produce "Dr. Wondertainment's Interdimensional Line and Lure" fishing rod and a wiffle-ball bat named "bird-b-gone by dado" which he used to grab the Overseer before the latter travelled through the multiverse. As Calvin is pulled through different universes they both visited many places such as SCP-455, a version of Site-19 where Dr. Kondraki was riding 682 and SCP-2935, he took the opportunity to hit the Overseer every time they temporarily stopped, gradually weakening him. As they kept going through the multiverse, they both were eventually snatched up by a Black Queen, who alongside the other Black Queens had been used by the Blackbird to see the entire multiverse, and brought both of them to SCP-001 (Atonement)'s containment chamber. After revealing herself as Alison Chao, the Black Queen tried to explain to the Blackbird that what they were doing was wrong and that she just wanted to be normal again, but the enraged Overseer simply admonished both her and Calvin for refusing his help and claimed that he was unstoppable. In response the Black Queen released SCP-001 who because of its vendetta against the O5 Council proceeded to annihilate the Blackbird before being put back into its chamber. The Black Queen then explained to Calvin the nature of SCP-001 and had the other Black Queens bring Calvin, Adam and Olivia back to their original universe. Upon returning to their universe, Delta Command member Sylvester Sloan arrived to take them aboard their plane since Calvin was left injured following his encounter with the latest Overseer while both Adam and Olivia were left shaken and disturbed after being taken away from their dream world.

While on the plane, as Calvin and Sylvester were discussing about their next target O5-4/The Ambassador, they learned from Insurgent Priscilla Norris that the Ambassador had cancelled the plans to appear at a festival in South Africa and wanted to meet with the Insurgency in order to peacefully surrender and offer valuable information. Both Calvin and Sylvester decided to take the offer and meet the Overseer in the Johannesburg airport, while planning to send Adam and Olivia to Delta's safehouse where they could recover. Later, Calvin and Sylvester arrived at the airport where the Ambassador and Priscilla awaited them in a conference room. Inside the room the Overseer explained that the Foundation's high command was in shambles and wanted to get out while he still could and offered information which they could use to take down the rest of the Overseers in exchange for his security. The Insurgents accepted but then the airport came under attack by MTF Tau-5 causing the four of them to flee while the Insurgency soldiers fended off the attackers. However, the MTF caught up to them, killing both Priscilla and Sylvester before being ordered by a child's voice coming from the airport's speakers to kill the Ambassador and take Calvin. After killing the Overseer Irantu began approaching Calvin who witnessed Sylvester's plane containing both Adam and Olivia being destroyed by Munru. As Calvin began thinking that his friends were dead, unaware that they fortunately survived, he was knocked out by Irantu who alongside the rest of the MTF brought the three Insurgents to O5-3/The Kid's residence.

Waking up inside an unknown facility, the Kid explained to Calvin through some monitors its origin and told him that he and everyone else were unfit to judge others except for it. After Calvin walked to a Deepwell chamber beneath a shaft the Kid revealed to him that it had also captured Adam and Olivia with the intent to judge them for their crimes by having Tau-5 kill them. Just as Irantu was about to execute the orders, the Black Queen arrived to give Calvin back the Interdimensional Line and Lure which he used to summon the Malidramagiuan who attacked the MTF. While the MTF fought the Malidramagiun, Calvin freed both Adam and Olivia and together went to the strange cylindrical machine on the platform where Olivia used her anomalous powers to trick the Malidramagiun into destroying the machine before killing the entire MTF and leaving. However, as they were about to enter the machine a turret suddenly appeared in a nearby wall and killed Olivia by shooting her through her head before shooting Adam at his spine. Calvin immediately used his spear to break the top part of the machine revealing the Kid’s true form as that of a malformed fetus connected to the machine. As the Kid laughed Calvin broke the tank containing its body and crushed it with his hands, causing the entire facility to begin falling apart. Calvin then grabbed both Adam and Olivia’s body and together got out of the facility before it crumbled and found themselves on a hill near the entrance. Seeing that Adam was also about to die, Calvin used the vial of the rejuvenating water to heal him. Adam decried Calvin for doing this, but after realizing Calvin was about to go hunt the last two Overseers he became overwhelmed with emotions and admitted to Calvin that he deeply loved him. Despite Adam pleading not to leave him, Calvin, carrying Olivia's corpse, went on to his next targets leaving Adam to be rescued by the Insurgency as he was unwilling to risk his life.

As Calvin read the last entries of the journal describing all of the Overseers and leaving Olivia's corpse inside a nearby cave, he finally made his way to Site-01 where he planned to use the spear to kill O5-2/The Nazarene and O5-1/The Founder. After entering through the doors Calvin witnessed carvings depicting SCP-1000, SCP-2000, SCP-3000, SCP-4000, SCP-5000 and SCP-6000, before arriving at the elevator in the center where he encountered a cyborg named Purpose whose job was to protect the inner sanctum. Calvin was able to recognize Purpose as Foundation agent Troy Lament whom he had fought in prior missions. Purpose informed Calvin that O5-1 had recently returned to the Site and allowed Calvin access to him. After ordering Purpose to not let anyone else enter the Site, Calvin went through the doorway at the end of the chamber, entering the sanctum to find a massive conference room with walls covered with multiple screens displaying different Foundation locations and impossible recordings of his journey. In the room Calvin was confronted by O5-1/The Founder, Aaron Siegel who laughed at Calvin and explained that they both were very similar before telling him that either Calvin's convictions would destroy everything or would be broken.

Preparing to fight Siegel using the Spear, the Overseer also drew his weapon, Lucifer's sword he had gotten from the garden behind the Gate Guardian and the two began to fight. As the two fought each other, with both Calvin and Siegel dogging each other's attacks the room was slowly destroyed because of the fight. After becoming tired of the fight, Siegel impressed by Calvin told him how he envied him and that he had made a mistake when trying to take down the Foundation, but Calvin mocked him for being a traitor to the Insurgency and having previously held the moniker of the Engineer to which Siegel replied that Vince had always been the Engineer. Siegel tried to explain to Calvin that he didn't betray the Insurgency on his own volition and had rejoined the Foundation to avoid something terrible and needed to kill Calvin to keep that something from happening. As Siegel was about to deliver the final blow to finish Calvin, the latter quickly threw the Spear at him, pinning Siegel to the wall while shattering his sword. As Siegel died he told Calvin that he had accomplished nothing and the anomalous cancer plaguing the world was never the Foundation, the Overseers or the deceased Administrator Frederick Williams but something else more terrible. Following Siegel's death, Calvin went back to the main lobby where Purpose led him to the elevator which would send him to the room that had the mechanism to completely destroy the Foundation for good, but warned him that access to the elevator came with a cost. Ignoring the warning, Calvin took the elevator and descended at the bottom of the site where he entered Siegel's office room. He sat on Siegel's desk and as he was about to detonate the on-site nuclear device system through a terminal, the phone beside him began ringing. Reluctantly Calvin answered the phone and was met by The Administrator shocking him as he believed that Siegel had killed Frederick William with the use of the Children. The Administrator corrected him by stating that Frederick was an administrator of the Foundation, and it itself was a consciousness created when part of Williams merged with the fabric of reality and the nature of the Foundation and it embodied the mission of the SCP Foundation itself. It further explained the real reason why Siegel had betrayed the Insurgency was because he as an Overseer would act as a barrier protecting the world from it and told Calvin it was now his turn to become the next Overseer. Calvin tried to argue back by stating that he could leave right now or active the on-site nuclear system, but The Administrator responded that he wouldn’t do it as that would result in millions or billions of people dying and wouldn't stop it from affecting the world before hanging up. As Calvin realized that the Overseers weren't evil and instead flawed people who were trying their best to protect the world from The Administrator, he saw a memory of the past in which Siegel after coming into contact with The Administrator just like him was confronted by a distraught Vincent, and then the phone began to ring again for seven times forcing Calvin to answer it again. With no other choice Calvin replaced Siegel as O5-1 under the title of the Usurper.

Working for the Foundation

After becoming the new O5-1, Calvin made another deal with Death to bring Olivia back to life and turn her into O5-2. However, because deceased things don't belong anymore to the world of the living, Olivia was left in a zombie-like state. As part of his new job, Calvin arrived to Site-108 in Houston where he met the new Site Director House, apologizing for being late as he was busy with an airplane incident involving the loss or some personnel and anomalous artifacts and asked to be informed about the arrival of O5-2. Upon entering the site’s conference room the damage control team informed Calvin that the incident was caused by the Insurgency Reborn, the new name of the Chaos Insurgency, and had released a video on The Knights of Truth's secret website. Calvin dismissed the team and proceeded to watch the video in which Adam, the new leader of the Insurgency, reviled the Foundation for their actions and threatened the organization and Calvin that they would end them and make the world whole again before expressing his disenchantment towards Calvin. Following that, Calvin met with some personnel he had selected to replace the other members of the Council and assigned each of them departments they would oversee. At night, Calvin began writing a new SCP-001 file for The Administrator which he intended for the next person who would kill and replace him similarly to the way he did with Siegel and classified it as "Principalis" to show that this anomaly was the most important to the Foundation. After finishing the document, he went to bed together with O5-2 and the next day he prepared to go to work.

As the universe began experiencing entropy because of the low Hume level when compared to the other universes, Calvin held a meeting with his fellow Overseers inside Site-102 in July 23rd of 2022. He discussed the matter with the others and told them that the site's personnel, the Department of Science, found a possible way to stop the event by building a machine that would siphon additional Hume from the other universes, causing those universes to suffer their fate instead, but due to insufficient time they needed to neutralize anomalies which possessed low Hume levels in order to buy themselves enough time to build the machine. O5-3 however, was against this stating that this was cruel and should instead wait as he was sure that another better alternative way could be discovered. The Council proceeded to held their usual voting, but the majority were pro to the destruction of anomalies. This later caused the Chaos Insurgency to set off some explosions in New Canberra near the location of O5-8's apartment and threatened her that if she didn't change hers and the other Overseers' mind on this decision then there would be more attacks.


Calvin a normal Caucasian man possessing a mustache and having no abnormal appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Calvin was a normal human who possessed some training as was usual for Chaos Insurgents, being skilled in the usage of weaponry such as various forms of firearms and explosives, and was an expert driver. With the legendary Spear of the Non-Believer, an ancient powerful weapon previously wielded by Adam El Asem and the Sky Kings of the House of Apollyon, Calvin was able to kill and destroy anything in his path such as O5-10 who had assumed the form of the Serpent, multiple humans with one single swipe and the Lucifer's flaming sword. Additionally with dado's "bird-b-gone" Calvin could immediately kill any avian creature such O5-5 and with Dr. Wondertainment's "Interdimensional Line and Lure" he could partially travel through the multiverse and different dimensions. After making another deal with the personification of Death, Calvin and his fellow Overseers were granted immortality and nothing was capable of killing and would never age as long as the contract was not broken.


As a kid Calvin loved his mother dearly and enjoyed passing time with her walking through nature and was left devastated when his mother died from SCP-2316 and no one would believe. This led to him discovering the existence of the SCP Foundation and blaming them for taking his mother away from him and his hatred towards fueled when he learned that they were responsible for the increase of the anomalies around the world and became hellbent in destroying them for good and save the world. Upon being offered a chance to find a way to help in the destruction of the Foundation, but at the cost of forever losing his mother, Calvin took it, sacrificing his chance to have his mother back to become a high ranking member of the Chaos Insurgency. During his time with the Insurgency he formed friendships with fellow Insurgents Anthony Wright, Adam Ivanov and Olivia Torres and deeply cared about all of them as he greatly feared of losing them. Upon being told that the O5 Council had been exploiting their contained anomalies for their own benefits and letting the world to suffer at the rise of anomalous activity, Calvin and his friends became determined to kill each member of the Council to destroy their influence and let the world heal and return to its natural state. He went after each Overseer and killed them with no reluctance, while making sure that no one on his team was injured during their confrontation. During the end of his mission, after the remaining Overseer were able to kill Anthony, Olivia and injure Adam, Calvin became enraged and directly confronted the last Overseer, Aaron Siegel, whom he hated the most due to him betraying the Insurgency and all of his friends for apparently no reason other selfishness. However, after learning that the Council in actuality acted as a barrier separating the world from the real threat and source of anomalous activity that was The Administrator, Calvin was devastated that because of his actions he nearly allowed The Administrator to cause damage to the world and after understanding why Siegel had betrayed the Insurgency in order to keep the world in balance Calvin just like him betrayed the Insurgency and became the new O5-1 in order to keep reality safe from The Administrator. Against his wish, Calvin as the new O5-1 he became the leader of the Foundation and was determined to use his new position to make the world much better place while his former friends at the Insurgency feeling betrayed by him began hunting him down.





  • Calvin was originally mentioned in SCP-3930's file before his name was removed, indicating that SCP-3930 was one of the first anomalies Calvin began working on.
  • It was cleared up by the author djkaktus that Calvin Lucien has no relation with Calvin Desmet.
  • It appears that the events of The Way It Ends primarily take place in the "Resurrection" canon, one of the canons djkaktus contributed to, since the members of the O5 Council mostly match with those encountered by Calvin.
  • Since it is mentioned that prior to Calvin's attack the O5 Council had managed to find the last of the primeval demons, Demon Ogier, it is presumed that Calvin killing the Council takes place after the events of Project PARAGON, possibly sometime during 2020-2021.
  • The reason why Calvin wrote a future message to the next person who would kill him was because since he had repeated the same actions as done by Aaron, killing the current Overseers before betraying the Insurgency to become the new O5-1, he believed the cycle would go on, hence why the entire series was called the "Ouroboros Cycle" as it meant that this was a never-ending cycle.
  • In the joke tale "Tim Wilson KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!!!", Tim Wilson of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions had changed his name to Calvin Lucien in order to kill Aaron Siegel and the Council.

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SCP-049 | SCP-073 | SCP-336 | SCP-451 | SCP-666-1 | SCP-706 | SCP-1252 | SCP-1338 | SCP-1342-3 | SCP-1471-A | SCP-1530-3 | SCP-1609 | SCP-1690 | SCP-1810 | SCP-1959 | SCP-1985 | SCP-2101-1 | SCP-2241 | SCP-2273 | SCP-2331 | SCP-2726-A | SCP-2792 | SCP-2999-B | SCP-3082-2 | SCP-3090 | SCP-4128 | SCP-4793 | SCP-5239 | SCP-5935

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SCP-1508 | SCP-1762-2 | SCP-2420 | SCP-3507 | SCP-4017

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SCP-179 | SCP-2137 | SCP-3894-Alpha | SCP-4606 | SCP-6666-A

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SCP-040 | SCP-1867 | SCP-2085 | SCP-3700-1 | SCP-5699

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Ashur | Bes | Deimos | Gate Guardian | Jalakåra | Mekhane | Nahash | Pangloss | Rakmou-leusan | SCP-2662 | Yehom

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