Cambot was one of the four robots characters on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 television series.

Cambot was built by Joel Robinson out of parts on the Satellite of Love that were used to control when the films began or ended. Cambot was only seen during the opening credits of the show and had no spoken lines. The characters on the Satellite of Love would at times interact with him in a Brechtian manner.

He would broadcast the host sequences on the Satellite of Love to viewers at home as well as the Mads. During host segements if musical accompaniment was desired Cambot would go to the wall of keyboards and play whatever music was required by the others. When the experiments were shown Cambot would go through a series of doors into the movie theater where he would film Joel, Mike Nelson, or Jonah Heston, as well as Tom Servo, and Crow T. Robot watching the various films that the Mads sent to them.

Over the course of the series Cambot's body evolved considerably, becoming smaller and more compact as time went along. By the fifth season Cambot's body was a small hovering ball, he retained that shape for the remainder of the series. In the 8th season Cambot was given a paint job, and his color turned from grey to blue.

After the SOL returned to Earth Cambot moved into an apartment with Mike, Servo, and Crow as they prepared to watch The Crawling Eye for the first time in many years.

Along with the other bots, Cambot was captured by Kinga Forrester. After further changes to his body he was placed on board the rebuilt SOL. He appears in the robot roll call sequence when new test case Jonah Heston holds up a mirror.

Over the Years

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