Camille "Cami" O'Connell is one of the main characters on the horror/vampire drama The Originals. She is first introduced in the pilot were she and Klaus Mikaelson get into a conversation about a painting. The reigning "king" of New Orleans, Marcel Gerard is shown in early episodes to have romantic feeling towards her. She becomes one of Klaus's redeeming qualities, for she tries to understand and help him.

She is portrayed by Leah Pipes.



Camille exhibited an air of pluckiness about her by claiming to Marcel that she has a black belt in karate. She is not judgmental. Her brother's murder-suicide has left her with a need to understand the human psyche, to be able to make sense of the supposed chaos within insanity. She is a person who stands by her morals, as upon learning of her brother's murderer's demise, she felt enraged that someone had gotten killed. Likewise, she possesses a strong will, angrily telling Klaus that she will find a way to break through the compulsion's control over her.

Now that she's right smack in the middle of all the chaos and bloodshed in the French Quarter, she has displayed considerable determination to continue what her uncle worked so hard to protect. She stands tall as a human in a town chock full of supernatural creatures.

Camille is poised, intelligent and astute, able to decipher the psyches of even thousand-year-old immortals. She displays a good sense of humor and a personable nature. She is courageous and spirited, displaying this bravery on numerous occasions, in particular against Mikael. Though she is forever in want of an anlytical and logical standpoint, she is also compassionate and caring.


After transitioning into a vampire, Camille became more impulsive and is struggling with her apparent, resurfaced dark side. Camille has little to no problem manipulating others by compelling. Camille still maintains her caring demeanor, but she slips in and out of her dark side due to her lack of control of her emotions. Currently, Camille is going through a transitioning phase on who she wants to be as a new person, and as a new vampire.

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