I want to set you free, but your prison... [touches Bond's head] is in here.
~ Camille saying goodbye to Bond

Camille Montes is the deuteragonist in the 22nd James Bond film Quantum of Solace. She is portrayed by Olga Kurylenko. Her family was murdered by General Medrano, who later conspired with Dominic Greene and Quantum to stage a coup in Bolivia.

She is portrayed by Olga Kurylenko.

In the film

Camille's father worked for Bolivia's military dictatorship when she was a child. One day, the country's rebel forces sent Medrano to meet with her father; Medrano shot him dead, and then raped and murdered Camille's mother and older sister before setting their house on fire. He spared Camille, however, and smiled cruelly at her as he left.

As an adult, Camille dedicates her life to killing Medrano and avenging her family, joining the Bolivian Secret Service so she could root him out. She reluctantly sleeps with Greene to get close to Medrano, but Greene discovers her treachery and sends an assassin to kill her. Luckily, she meets Bond just before the assassin strikes, and he saves her. Later, Greene introduces her to Medrano, who takes her out on Greene's boat; Camille plans to use the meeting to kill him, unaware that he is planning to rape and murder her. Once again, Bond appears in the nick of time and saves her, although she is angry at having lost her chance for revenge.

Later, Camille meets Bond again at a fundraiser for Greene's non-profit, Greene Planet, which is really a front for Quantum. Once again, Greene tries to kill her, but Bond saves her life. She returns the favor later that night by helping him escape from Greene's men. They are stopped by corrupt police officers on Greene's payroll, who kill Bond's friend Rene Mathis before Bond kills them in self-defense; Camille then watches, horrified, as Bond puts Mathis' corpse in a nearby dumpster.

The next day, Camille and Bond survey the land Green plans to steal by airplane, but they are forced to skydive out when they are shot down by a fighter plane piloted by Medrano's men. They find shelter in a subterranean cave, where they discover that Greene plans to create a drought by damming Boivia's water supply, thus giving him and Quantum complete control of the country.

Camille and Bond infiltrate the hotel where Greene and Medrano are negotiating a deal to install Medrano as a dictator and give Bolivia's water rights to Quantum. Together, they cause an explosion that interrupts the deal and sends Greene and Medrano running for cover. Camille corners Medrano, who again tries to rape and kill her; she gets the better of him, however, and shoots him dead, avenging her family. She and Bond escape the burning hotel, and, after leaving Greene stranded in the desert, go to a train station. She wishes Bond well, and they share a kiss before she boards a train, leaving for a better life far away from her traumatic past.


  • Bond film producer Barbara Broccoli initially planned to develop a film with Camille as the protagonist, independent of James Bond; to date, however, that film has not been made.
  • Camille is the only Bond girl in the history of the franchise whom Bond does not have sex with.


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